Huge Jump in French Road Deaths

An astonishing rise in the number of people killed on French roads last month – and apparently all down to the weather.

Also, the Germans are off on holiday again already. Ferry firm to review procedures after on board pet death. Dates firming for Calais migrant camp clearance. Private security for Belgium E40 truck parks as migrant activity increases.




Pedestrians and truckers bear the brunt.


Photo Ministere de l’Interieur

The number of road deaths in France leaped by more than thirty percent last month.

Provisional statistics say 335 died on the roads in September 2016 compared to 257 in September 2015 – a rise of 30.4 percent.

A statement from the French Interior Ministry says last month saw ‘very adverse’ weather conditions including heavy rains and floods.

Meanwhile, September 2015 had itself seen a sharp drop in the number of deaths – down by 17.4 percent according to Securite Routiere – thereby exacerbating the increase.

Despite the large increase in deaths, the number of accidents involving injuries was actually down, by 2.1 percent, in September 2016 while the number of people injured fell by 3.4 percent.

However, September’s figures push the overall increase in road deaths so far this year to a significant 3.1 percent.

Analysis by Securite Routiere shows deaths rose sharply among pedestrians and truck drivers with a less pronounced increase for motorbike riders and what could be a blip for car drivers.

Three previous months of falls had indicated France was finally on top of its road safety crisis.

The amount of fatalities increased in the past two years after more than a decade of falls.

The Interior Ministry says eleven more of the extra measures decided by the government’s road safety committee last year will be discussed next week in the National Assembly.



There are no traffic warnings in France until later in the month – and then only minor ones – or in Austria or Italy, either. Switzerland may see some minor action at the Gotthard Tunnel over the weekend, on Saturday particularly, and in both directions. Otherwise, all eyes are on Germany. States in the west start their two week autumn school holiday this afternoon with those that go away heading for the Alps, Central Mountains and the coast today and tomorrow. However, huge jams are not expected – especially considering the forecast cold and windy weather in Central Europe (though the really grotty stuff will be in the Southeast according to the BBC).


roundup: PET TRAVEL. DFDS says it will review procedures after a dog died on a Dunkirk ferry last month. The five year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier apparently succumbed to heat exhaustion reports Gazette & Herald. The operator admits the customer’s vehicle was parked in a well ventilated part of the deck with the windows open as per instructions. Unlike Eurotunnel where pets stay in the vehicle with the owners – and Brittany Ferries which has a pet-friendly cabins – animals on the short Dover, Calais and Dunkirk ferry routes must be left alone in the vehicles during the crossing. A similar, well-publicised incident occurred on board a P&O ferry in 2014. CALAIS MIGRANT CRISIS. All the indications are that the Jungle migrant camp will be cleared between Monday 17 October and Thursday 27 October. A French newspaper apparently obtained  leaked instructions to CRS riot squad units advising them of the upcoming action reports La Voix du Nord. Earlier this week, the French human rights ombudsman also indicated the start date would be Monday 17 October. Camp activists also identified the same day on Monday. Meanwhile, private security will be brought in to three truck parks along the E40 motorway between the French border and Brussels after an increase in migrant activity. Jabbeke, Mannekensvere and Drongen will all have improved security, initially for the next month says Deredactie. A plan to close the truck parks in the face of sharply increased attempts by migrants to secrete themselves on vehicles was met with forceful opposition from trade association FEBETRA yesterday.


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