Some Snow Expected High Alps This Week

Temporary closure Nufenen overnight, and flurries at Stelvio and Grossglockner, herald a week of wintry weather at altitude.



Prepare for closed roads at high altitude mid-week.


Only light snow at Stelvio this morning but, note, the temperature is -3C.

Switzerland’s Nufenen Pass – also called Passo della Novena – closed overnight due to ice according to TCS.

It reopened mid-morning but is one of several passes to be affected to winter weather as snow is set to descend further this week.

Italy’s Stelvio also saw some snow overnight as did Austria’s Grossglockner.

Both are open now as normal though two wheelers are banned from Grossglockner.

Meanwhile, weather fronts will meet over the Alps at mid-week.

Though major snow is not expected, flakes may be seen at 700m on Wednesday and from 1300m on Thursday according to Alpenweerman – backed up by MeteoEU – particularly in the Eastern Alps.

At 2480m (8136ft), Nufenen is one of the highest roads in the Gotthard loop in south central Switzerland.

It runs 37km between Airolo and Ulrichen (crossing from Ticino canton to Valais), connecting Gotthard Pass to Grimsel and Furka.

While no Alpine passes have closed for the winter as yet they will start to later this month. Several places have been short lived snow and ice in recent weeks, notably the southern French Alps last weekend.

Best squeeze in that high altitude now while you still can – or be braced for disappointment, especially on the highest roads.


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