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Overall: the cheapest fuel is in Andorra, Luxembourg and Austria. Strangely, perhaps, the most expensive is in the north west and south east: Norway, Netherlands, UK, Italy, Malta and Turkey.

Fuel-Prices-Europe.info updates daily though check info icon to see if average, nationally regulated or from a main supplier. Also, RAC Foundation logs daily prices with data from Energy.eu. The AA has a monthly Fuel Price Report.

Drivers in France can see nationwide, real-time fuel prices at Prix Carburants.



Summer Fuel roundup,16 June: the latest RAC figures show UK diesel drivers should hang on for France but that everyone should fill up before Portugal. Meanwhile, persistent recent rises seem to be tailing off.

Europe, 2 June 2016: the RAC’s handy monthly round up of EU fuel prices shows Spain to be noticeably cheap at the moment, especially compared to neighbouring Portugal (which is in the top four for petrol and top seven for diesel). Also expensive is Italy. The UK and the Netherlands vie as usual for most expensive fuel, petrol and diesel. Meanwhile, despite its diesel price rising tantalisingly close to the €1 barrier last week – RAC make it 73p per litre – Luxembourg seems looked in a downward spiral with Austria. Luxembourg’s petrol is two cents more expensive but its diesel is three cents cheaper.


Luxembourg, 13 April: volatile or yo-yo, take your pick, but the (nationally regulated) cost of diesel is on the move again – up this time – only five days after it fell, see below. Standard diesel rises from 3.2c per litre from today to €0.875 reports Wort.lu.

For the time being, petrol prices remain as they were: €1.067 unleaded95 and €1.136 unleaded98. Update 14 April: petrol price changes are on a different cycle to diesel hence announced a day after this week. Unleaded95 increases by 2.4c to €1.091 per litre, as does unleaded98 to €1.16 reports Wort.lu.

Luxembourg, France & Germany, 8 April: Luxembourg fuel prices are now falling across the board reports Wort.lu. Diesel is down to €0.843 per litre, or around 68p (according to XE.com) while unleaded95 drops to €1.067 (86p) and unleaded98 to €1.136 (92p). Last week diesel also fell while the price of petrol rose.

Meanwhile, those thinking of switching to petrol power for trips through France since the government said last year it would start to equalise tax rates should hold off a little while longer – the price differential is actually growing says Cardisiac.

As it stands, according to FPE, unleaded95 costs an average €1.288 per litre with diesel at €1.057, a 23.1c difference compared to 20.1 on 29 March, see below.

French petrol has risen quite sharply recently while diesel has fallen slightly. The situation is similar in Germany where, according to ADAC, petrol continues its relentless rise – to €1.269 currently – as diesel drops markedly off, to €1.019. Both had been on a definite rise since mid-February, see 29 March.

Luxembourg1 April: a week after the last increase, petrol prices are on their way up again says Wort.lu. Unleaded95 rises to €1.091 per litre and unleaded98 to €1.160. However, diesel has actually fallen, to €0.867. Prices in Luxembourg are nationally regulated. See below for comparisons with neighbouring countries, or Fuel Prices Europe.

Germany, 29 March: fuel prices have been on a clear upswing since mid-February according to data from ADAC. Having been almost on a par with Luxembourg, see below, diesel has now crashed back through the €1 per litre barrier and stands at €1.049 on average according to FPE. Unleaded95 is €1.239. That’s almost on par with France (€1.267 unleaded95, €1.066 diesel) but still cheaper than Belgium (€1.277 unleaded95, €1.135 diesel) and especially the Netherlands (€1.523 unleaded95, €1.189 diesel).

Luxembourg and Austria, 24 March, : prices are rising again in the Grand Duchy, to €1.035 per litre unleaded95 (and €1.09 unleaded98). Diesel remains at €0.887 for the time being reports Wort.lu. Meanwhile, the gap is growing to Luxembourg’s great fuel price competitor Austria where unleaded95 is still €0.984 – the same as Andorra, and cheaper than Lithuania, Montenegro, Serbia, Hungary and Slovakia. Diesel however is relatively expensive in this company at €0.949. Luxembourg prices are regulated nationally while those from Austria are averages supplied by car club ARBO via Fuel Prices Europe.

Portugal, 20 March: trucks from haulage association ANTRAM will take part in a go-slow over the next two weeks in protest at high fuel prices, up to 35c per litre more expensive than neighbouring Spain in some cases says Portugal News. Diesel currently sells for €1.189 and unleaded95 for €1.429 according to FPE, compared to €0.999 and €1.129 over the border. Trucks are expected to just drive more slowly than usual rather than in highly disruptive France-style rolling road blocks and will also be decorated with black slashes.




20 January 2016: fuel prices have fallen again in Luxembourg reports Wort.lu, for the second time in less than a week (see below). Unleaded95 is down to €1.036/l, unleaded98 to €1.091 and diesel to €0.847.

16 January 2016: extremely provocative from wily German finance minister Wolfgang Schauble (he who took a particularly hard line against the Greeks). He wants an EU ‘migrant levy’ on fuel to pay for bolstering the outer border of the Schengen Zone. Recognising that not every country will be keen, he would be content with a ‘coalition of the willing’ he says. As is his way, despite all-round condemnation, even from within his own party, Schauble has refused to elucidate or comment further says DW.de. What is the old man up to? It’s inconceivable he isn’t aware of the likely impact of his comments, especially in a UK teetering on the edge of Brexit.

Also, the UK government is considering E10 fuels – containing ten percent bioethanol, up from E5 currently – to ‘hit EU green targets’ reports the Daily Telegraph. Toxic mix: opposition is likely to be fierce since it will cost more, 1.2 million vehicles are not compatible, and switching to biofuel displaces food crops. E10 is already widely available on the Continent and it’s introduction was hardly trouble-free there either, see more.

14 January 2016: diesel is down to €0.864/l, unleaded95 to €1.054 and unleaded98 to €1.109 reports Wort.lu.