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    Bareback Mountain

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  • drink-driving-loire

    Drink Driving in the Loire

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    Huge Jump in French Road Deaths

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    Some Snow Expected High Alps This Week

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  • At just 327m (1072ft), Col de la Gineste is hardly the highest road in southern France. But it is on the D559 scenic route east from Marseille, 20km of twists and turns across the Calanques National Park to the port of Cassis (and after that to near Cannes, following the coast from La Ciotat). Unfortunately, a second spate of wild fire in the Marseille region has seen Gineste shut for the second day running according to the local prefeture. The fire was brought under control overnight but there is still a high risk of it reigniting. Photo Portail-PACA.net

    Wild Fire Illuminates Marseille’s Col de la Gineste

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  • Screen grab from RT.com live feed.

    Live Blog Calais Blockade

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  • Heavy holiday traffic in France skewed much later this summer than anyone expected, but with the kids now back at school we can endorse with some confidence roads monitor Bison Fute's assertion

    Quiet Roads in France for All September

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    Daytime Migrant Incident Calais Motorway

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    Foreign Hauliers Invited to Calais A16 Blockade

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    Scandinavia Ferry Mars DFDS Largest Lego Ship

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