DFDS Harwich-Esbjerg winter timetable; special offer

DFDS’ four weekly trips Harwich-Esbjerg will be reduced to two over the winter rather than the usual three as the company manages costs according to local reports. There will be extra sailings over the Christmas period. The normal timetable resumes in February. DFDS’ latest newsletter is advertising current fares at car + 2 from £100 each way and car + 4 from £64 each way.

One thought on “DFDS Harwich-Esbjerg winter timetable; special offer

  1. it is time this company (DFDS) was given some serious competion,We have visited Sweden&Norway every year since 1994.Their customer service has gone from “not too bad”to serious Krapp since taking off the Gothenburg ferry ” PRINCESS OF SCANDINAVIA.”.
    As for their prices? well they do not know what to charge.THey think of a number then double it and then multiply it by ten.
    As we like to take our car to our cottage in Norge we will in future go via P&O from Hull or via tunnel Commodore prices are a joke.

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