BMW’s winter sports roadtrip guide

Ignore the car. The BMW X1 K2 Powder Ride is not on sale this side of The Pond anyway. The wrap might pick out the headlights nicely but that bulky item on the roof is a 320W speaker for impromptu mountain raves. Yeah.

Focus instead on BMW’s comprehensive web-guide for anybody considering a winter sports trip this season, largely built around driving.

There are three aspects – a destination guide to all the coolest continental ski resorts in the Alps (you have to admit Munich-based BMW probably have some insider knowledge).

Then there’s a series of X-Drive Live events cutting a swathe through central Europe (from Spain to the Czech Republic) where you can get expert tuition in winter driving techniques (arguably a bit late by this point).

Lastly there’s an amateur/ leisure skiing competition, with eight different categories, including a Touring badge for those driving from resort to resort. Now there’s a thought.

It’s not just downhill skiing, BMW sponsor cross country, biathlon and bobsleigh too. Check out the schedule here.

Incidentally, don’t automatically discount skiing resorts in the Czech Republic. Pec Pod Snézkou north east of Prague is not that much further, at 850 miles from London, than Megève in eastern France, 660 miles.

2 thoughts on “BMW’s winter sports roadtrip guide

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