The new Rolls Royce ferry

Rolls Royce is well known for its engines but did you realise it also designs ships?

The Rolls Royce Marine division signed a deal this week to build its innovative, eco-friendly ferry with Italian operator, Lauro Shipping.

The new vessel will enter service between Campania, Ischia, Capri and Sicily.

The engines are Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) fuelled which already meet IMO emission rules due in 2016 and emit up to 40% less CO2 than diesel power. The all-important sulphur dioxide content of LNG is ‘negligible’.

A combined propeller and rudder, and no need for auxiliary power, further improves efficiency.

The rendering above is too small for cross channel duties but the design is fully scalable. The vertical bow improves stability in rough seas. There is no word yet on top speed – though it is a high-speed design – where it will be built, or exactly when it will enter service but this is not a pipe dream. Rolls Royce gas powered marine engines entered service in Norway earlier this year.

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