We’re off to Brussels tomorrow for two days

435bIt might seem mad to drive to Brussels considering we’re twenty minutes from Kings Cross: Eurostar takes just three hours to get there and costs from £69 return (our return ferry fare is £68, plus petrol for the approx 500 mile round trip).

BUT, we’re also going to Bruges, Ghent and maybe Antwerp. Sad to say we’ve never been to any of these places despite driving past about twenty times.

We’ve been to Brussels a few times. Looking forward to the B&B, in Etterbeek, a south eastern suburb near Leopold Park, close to where we’re going. The owner sounds very Bruxellois.

The only problem is parking. There are no car parks in the vicinity, just on-street. We’re going to wing it.

Might have time to check out the green plastic modern art Christmas tree controversially erected in Grand Place – and hopefully the Atomium too – but the schedule is looking ambitious. If we make it to Bruges and Brussels we’ll be happy. See Twitter @DriveEurope for how we’re getting on…

P.S. Late News: if you haven’t yet heard about the 124 mile long traffic jam in Russia you have now.

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