ROUNDUP: Inside line Evoque; new passenger rights; Eurotunnel/ Stena/ DFDS

condor_express1-1aCondor Ferries has had its Channel Islands operating licence extended for a further five years according to the BBC. The non-exclusive licence sets out service standards. Interestingly, the deal includes new EU passenger rights due on 18 December 2012. These entitle passengers to compensation for delays apart from bad weather (more on this coming soon).

Stena Line is hastily re-writing an advert in Sweden after it appeared to suggest the Nazi-era 1940s really weren’t that bad after all. It’s a very sore subject up north. Meanwhile, the Trafalgar Square Christmas tree had a bumpy ride from Norway this year (via Immingham, Lincs, with DFDS). It was eventually safely installed and lit up on schedule last Thursday.

17-All_PV_L538_INT_prestigefujiwhite-850x425Following on from our recent article about Range Rover Evoque residuals, we had a nice chat with a chap at Turbocentre yesterday. These purveyors of prestige low mileage cars, right in the middle of footballer-land in Cuffley, Herts, have nine Evoques at the moment, all priced between £40-50k. Four of them were at the front of the showroom, three with panoramic sunroofs. Perhaps part of the reason why Evoque residuals are so high is because nobody is buying the cheapest two wheel drive version. Turbocentre hasn’t seen a single one. The cheapest Evoque it has sold was £38k. So we’re definitely looking at next year. Or maybe the one after.

On a more realistic note’s Garlick has bought a 1997 Mazda MX-5 1.8i for £600 (read down) and so far it’s been perfectly reliable.

Eurotunnel had another temporary stoppage last week after an electrical fault saw four hour delays (on the day ironically when we were coming back from France). It came a week after a similar delay after a fire. The two rare recent setbacks for the Chunnel operator follow a record year and a recent £202m insurance payout. Eurotunnel’s latest reliability figures (for 2009) say over 89% of truck shuttles left within three minutes of the stated time. The company is currently advertising return fares at £44 for trips of less than two days.

Finally, says there are two days left to grab its £38-each-way ferry fares over the Christmas period.

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