News: speed cameras France; in-car cams offer; ferry offers++

Welcome back! We never went away (aaaah) so here’s a round up of news from the past week.


It will be coldest in the north east, -12°C in Moscow, but otherwise it’s mild temperatures, overcast skies and rain for most of Europe in the week ahead. Not much fresh snow on the ski slopes but the good skiing season will continue.


The AA took to the airwaves last week to warn about 400 new speed cameras in France. Police have apparently taken down warning signs as well. This is on top of new rules last year banning speed camera detectors, even as a standard feature on integrated satnav systems.

39212_419596325565_526834_nMcLaren Cars press officer Dave Eden spent the holidays in Catalunya, Spain, travelling by car, naturally. The return journey saw him complete 878 miles in 13h18m at an average speed of 66mph according to this. That’s not bad, comfortably beating our best, 770 miles Biarritz-London in 13h. We’re both left in the shade however by doinitonline’s Marek Nusl. He drove 1,063 miles up the Gulf of Bothnia (above, in Sweden) in 21 hours continuous driving last year… We have to keep reminding ourselves, ‘it’s not a competition’.

Gothenburg’s new congestion zone started on January 1st though it won’t apply to foreign registered vehicles, during the holiday month of July or on evenings and weekends.

Driver trainer Ideas4ADIs has extended its special offer on in-car cameras. Its SmartCam HD2 costs just £95 using the offer code SMART. In-car cameras are a great way to: avoid ‘crash for cash’ incidents (or corrupt foreign coppers) and relive your driving holidays in full high definition (check out the demo video).


Brittany Ferries celebrated its 40th anniversary on 2 January. The company was established to bring French farm produce to the UK, soon expanding to passenger services. The first route was Roscoff to Plymouth. Mail on Sunday travel editor Frank Barrett relived his first trip across the Channel, in 1962, to mark the occasion.

dfds vintage

It’s ferry nostalgic all round at the moment. DFDS tweeted this mock up of a classic travel ad ‘just for fun’ over the holidays. It has also extended its short stay from-£19-each-way special offer until 28 March, and released a behind-the-scenes video.

P&O is cutting 20% off fares for customers booking by 14th January while Stena Line will knock £50 off any flexible return fare Harwich-Hook of Holland. It’s a limited offer, available until 31st January.


Daily Telegraph architecture critic Ellis Woodman describes the minimalist pavilions at the new Louvre Lens fine art museum in northern France as ‘extraordinary’. An hour from either Calais or Dunkerque (we visited in early December) admission is free.

After reporting that two British holidaymakers in Bruges had both lost their legs after falling victim to a local drink-driver on January 1st, the Independent has since updated its story to say their injuries are not as bad as first thought.

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