Spain: no motorway Ronda-San Pedro

A plan to replace the famous Ronda-San Pedro A397 with a motorway is shelved.

Also, a new national speed limit is under discussion.

A Spainish road (from the C-14 in Catalunya).

A Spanish road (not far off the C-14 in Catalunya).

Spain could raise the motorway speed limit to 130kmh, two years after reducing it to save fuel.

The proposal, from the Spanish DfT (, is part of an overhaul of speed limits and safety measures.

The current speed limit on motorways is 120kmh.

Speeds on secondary roads could be reduced to 90kmh or less on roads less than 6.5m wide.

Urban limits could be cut to 20kph in some cases.

Radar detectors would also be outlawed as would current exemptions from seatbelt laws (the disabled, taxis, emergency services, etc).

Children under 135cm would not be allowed in front seats.

Between March and June 2011, the motorway speed limit was cut to 110kph following the Arab Spring.

In September 2012 the Netherlands raised its speed limit to 130kmh (partly to raise more in fuel taxes).

The British government this week ruled out a similar move.

The C-14 a few hundred yards further on. We need to get some new Spanish roads pictures.

The same road a few hundred yards further on. We need to get some new Spanish roads pictures.

Meanwhile, plans to replace the famous San Pedro-Ronda road in southern Spain with a motorway have finally been shelved.

The A397, known as one of the best bikers’ roads in Europe, runs north from San Pedro de Alcantara near Marbella to Ronda in the mountains.

The view includes the coast, Gibraltar and the mountains of North Africa from along the Genal Valley and its famous white villages.

Because of its popularity, and the risk of rock falls, the A397 is the most dangerous road in the region.

The motorway plans were ditched due to austerity and protests from environmental groups.

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