SIS II live; Rush trailer; M11 protester dies; Danube 1 re-opens

News roll for Tuesday 9 April 2013

random pic: inching towards a deserted Port de Larrau (5,100ft) on the border between Spain-France.

random pic: inching towards a deserted Port de Larrau (5,100ft) on the border between Spain-France.

France – three police officers filmed taping over speed cameras near Lyon have been ‘disciplined’. One of the three said he objected to being a tax collector for the treasury department. Last month we reported how Dutch policement refused to levy traffic fines they thought too expensive. France – More evidence that French police are really cracking down on speeding – or that the speed season has really started. A 16 year old boy was caught by a speed camera at 221kph (137mph) on Sunday near Montpelier after nicking his dad’s car. Also, a biker was caught at 276kph (171mph) on the RN80 in central France – the highest speed recorded for 20 years apparently. The bike and his licence were both confiscated.

The second generation Schengen Information System (SIS II) goes live today. The new system is an all round enhancement of the original, faster and with more criteria, etc, and is now one of the world’s biggest IT systems. Alerts can be created for people or property and flashed immediately to all border points. The UK is not part of Schengen but has access to most of SIS II apart from alerts about people previously refused entry to the zone. Controversially, the number of agencies granted access to SIS II has increased.

© Twitter/ Ron Howard @RealRonHoward

© Twitter/ Ron Howard @RealRonHoward

An absolutely cracking trailer for Rush, a film about the rivalry between Niki Lauda and James Hunt in the 1976 Grand Prix season. Have to wait until September for the film though…

Italy – An armed robbery on the carriageway of the A9/E35 yesterday, between Como and the Swiss border, netted €10m (UK papers say now £1.6m) in cash.

Russia – The Guardian reports that a journalist campaigning against the new M11 Moscow-St Petersburg motorway has died. Mikhail Beketov lead protests over the M11’s route through Khimki Forest, between Moscow and Sheremetyevo Airport. The paper describes road building as ‘one of the most corrupt sectors of Russia’s economy’.

Romania/Bulgaria – latest report says the ban on trucks over 10 tonnes is now lifted on the E75/E80 Giurgiu-Rusu bridge over the Danube. Lighter vehicles are allowed on a single lane. A large pothole appeared in the surface of the 60 year old bridge at the weekend. According to reports, it is the only bridge along the 500km Danube border between the two countries. Another, at Calafat further west, should open in May. For the latest click here: trucks over 10 tonnes can use the ferry at Svishtov.

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