NL v UK RTA; Alps murder police hunt RHD 4×4; DFDS flash sale; Caspian Sea hwy

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LD Lines says, ‘We regret to inform you that due to a technical problems the 19h30 departure from Dieppe is cancelled. The next crossing on the 01 May 2013 at 18h00 is to be confirmed. From Newhaven the – 08h30 departure (01/05/13) is also cancelled. All passengers reserved on this departure have been tranferred to our Calais-Dover route. For further information please call 0800 917 1201 ( free phone).’

No red or amber weather warnings in Europe all day, but @HERO_CRA on the London-Lisboa Historic Rally reported heavy rain and snow on the France/Spain border this morning.

European Weather: ‘Very warm across the Balkans, improving across Spain. Dry and mild in the north.’

No other Channel operators currently reporting any problems.

English Channel weekly weather from Condor Ferries: ‘The current forecast indicates slight sea conditions for this week.’

From Dover Port this afternoon: ‘The ferry terminal is operating normally, sea conditions are moderate, with a ENE breeze, force 5 and the visibility is good.’



Netherlands – Queen Beatrix abdicates today in favour of her son Willem-Alexander, soon to be Willem III, the Netherlands’ first king since 1890. ‘Orange fever’ has already swept the nation: don’t expect to get much done today; expect everywhere to be busy. Click for BBC coverage.

Sweden – not to be outdone it’s Walpurgis Night tonight (30 April), ahead of one the four biggest annual holidays in Sweden tomorrow. Expect lots of bonfires. Click for coverage.

Portsmouth – the A34 northbound will be closed between the junctions with the A303 & the A343, from 10pm – 6am between 29 April – 3 May (via @BrittanyFerries).

Greece – no ferries due to Labour Day strikes tomorrow (1 May). See here and here for more info.

British Embassies and Consulates – many European UK offices will be closed tomorrow for the holidays, some for the rest of the week. Check local FCO Twitter feeds for out of hours service details.

Istanbul – perhaps avoid Taksim Square in the city centre tomorrow. Heavy police presence expected for possible for May Day Rally. Click here for more. @UkinTurkey tweeted this afternoon, ‘Demonstrations occur throughout Turkey on 1 May. British Nationals should avoid all demonstrations.’



The new Range Rover Sport meets the new range Rover head-on at the Packington Estate, Warcs, as the company celebrates 65 years since the first Land Rover Defender.

The new Range Rover Sport meets the new range Rover head-on at the Packington Estate, Warcs, as the company celebrates 65 years since the production of the first Land Rover Defender, 30 April 1948.


Netherlands – road deaths were slightly down in 2012 according to Statistics Netherlands. Cyclist deaths in the Netherlands however remained at 200, a high level compared to 2007-2010. The UK and Netherlands vied for second fewest road fatalities in the EU on all three measures in 2010 (the latest comparative figures) with Sweden taking the top spot (ERF, p54). This is interesting as Transport for London trials the ‘Dutch roundabout’ with separate lanes for cyclists next year. The annual UK road safety statistics will be published in May.


Ferry – DFDS are celebrating the Dutch ‘Queen’s day’ with a flash sale – including 33% off selected Dover-Dunkirk crossings. Book today!


Lada and I showing the cone who's boss at a Vodafone safe driving event today in Hungary - @JensonButton

‘Lada and I showing the cone who’s boss at a Vodafone safe driving event today (yesterday) in Hungary’, says Jenson Button. Don’t ask him how it compares to his MP4-28. @JensonButton


France – police investigating the brutal murders of al-Hilli family near Lake Annecy on 5 September last year are searching for the driver of a right-hand drive 4×4 ‘particularly a grey, black or dark coloured BMW X5’ spotted near the scene. This is the first we’ve heard of a UK-registered car being involved.


Calaisnobody seems terribly impressed by a €350m plan to turn Calais into ‘the freight gateway to the UK’ and rival to nearby Rotterdam, Dunkerque, Le Havre, Antwerp and Zeebrugge by 2018. Eurotunnel recently withdrew its controversial bid to run Calais Port.


Spain – A Dutch man arrested in Granollers north east Spain last week had allegedly launched ‘the biggest cyberattack in internet history’ from the back of his fully tooled up van. Officials described the vehicle as ‘a mobile computing office, equipped with various antennae to scan frequencies’. Read more.


Russia – authorities have made four arrests as part of a corruption investigation into the M-6 Caspian Highway. The 860 mile road runs south east from Moscow to Astrakhan on the Caspian Sea via Volgograd. $1 million meant for maintenance has allegedly been misappropriated. This is the latest police action to tackle what is commonly thought to be the most corrupt Russian business sector.


A new image of the McLaren P1 hypercar testing in arctic Sweden. Watch the film here.



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