Italy fuel strike – now called off

A strike threatened to close motorway and major petrol stations from Tuesday until Friday but was called off Wednesday evening.

Further talks will be held on Wednesday. Urban, suburban and rural stations should remain open.


A petrol station, Italy. but this one will be open this week because it isn't on a major road.

A petrol station, Italy. Local stations should remain open during the strike, despite the price – €1.698/l unleaded. Photo from late May 2013, Tuscany.


Eni, Shell, Q8, Bees, Tamoil and TotalErg It petrol stations on motorways and city ring roads and intersections will close from Tuesday 16 July at 22:00 and not re-open until 06:00 Friday 19 July it has been confirmed.

Local filling stations – urban, suburban and rural – should open as normal.

Three industry associations – Faib, Fegica and Anisa Confcommercio – have called a joint strike over continued high fuel prices, among other issues.

According to national newspaper Corriere della Sera, unleaded hit a record €1.865 per litre on 12 July. This ranks Italy alongside the Netherlands as having the most expensive fuel in the EU.

Retail volumes have dropped by 50% in the past three years say the strikers.

The next meeting between the two sides will be held on Wednesday at 14:30.


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