Daily Brief 6 August 2013

Last updated 19:00 BST.


in brief:

Channel delays: Eurotunnel Freight UK.

Weather: heavy rain central; hot south.

Traffic: See @DE_Traffic.

News:  Norway tunnel closed for a week – Greece forest ban – Berlusconi traffic violationCopenhagen car bomb false alarm.


Random pic: The Black Forest Wine Road Schwarzwaldweinstrasse

The Black Forest, Germany. Cool respite from the hot race track roads of the Schwarzwaldweinstrasse.



Meteoalarm weather risk alerts – Red alerts for high temperatures in Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Montenegro, parts of Serbia and Poland. Amber warnings for high temps in surrounding countries.

Weather – heavy ‘thundery showers’ this afternoon in central/south France; south/east Germany and Poland.


Eurotunnel Freight UK: ‘due to an earlier cancellation, the journey from check-in to arrival in France will take approximately 2 hours.’

No other operators currently reporting any delays.

See Traffic/Travel/Weather for more.




Norway – the Gundvanga Tunnel will be closed at least for a week says local media following yesterday’s truck fire. Gudvanga lies on the main route between Oslo and Bergen. Already there are reports that safety equipment was not working properly. A recent audit also apparently makes further criticisms. During the EuroTAP tunnel assessment programme several of Norway’s tunnels were rated ‘poor’ or ‘very poor’. Most of the people rescued from the fire were discharged from hospital this morning says thelocal.no. Those more seriously injured were the ones that left their cars during the emergency says the paper. None of the injuries are said to be life threatening. @UKinNorway tweeted this morning that while the tunnel is closed motorists should take the Ev134, Rv 7 and Rv13 instead. Riksvei 7 runs from Honefoss near Oslo and connects with Riksvei 13 in the north of Hardangerfjord, then on towards Bergen. E134 connects Bergen-Oslo in the south. There is limited traffic information available in English at www.vegvesen.no.


Forest Fire Greecetraffic (vehicles and pedestrians) is banned from wooded areas in a bid to prevent forest fire. Much of south east Europe is under forest fire warning (though it isn’t mentioned on the Meteoalarm website), including Romania and Bulgaria. Authorities already struggled to control a fire near Athens last night, with another 49 around the country. Police will patrol wooded areas around urban centres to enforce the ban on people and vehicles from dawn until dusk, in some cases overnight too. The EU has put out a list of at risk areas, including Spain, Portugal, eastern Europe and the Balkans.


Mercedes-Benz, Modern Art and St Moritz.

Mercedes-Benz, Modern Art and St Moritz.

Mercedes-Benz sponsors the St Moritz Art Masters Festival from 23.8-1.9. There’s a special emphasis on Chinese Art this year including pieces dissident artist Ai Wei Wei. The exhibitions, placed all around the town and lake, also includes one from fashion photographer Patrick Demarchelier. MB will be heavily represented at the event including driving experiences. See www.stmoritzartmasters.com for more.


Italy – poor old Silvio Berlusconi is in trouble again; this time it could be really serious.. A rally held In the wake of the court’s decision to uphold his tax fraud sentence last week shifted traffic signs without authorisation to make way for a makeshift stage. The signs were then not replaced them properly says ANSA news agency. Organisers now face a fine of €4,500. Party members dismissed authorities as ‘biased without limit’.

Separately, a driver in Trieste suffered a fatal heart attack behind the wheel apparently sparked because of high temperatures. Much of Italy is under red alert for heat this week. @TeamSparkyCar95 reports 41 degrees near Pisa yesterday.


Denmark – police cordoned off a large area of central Copenhagen this morning after a suspicious car was spotted in an underground car park on Landsgreven 2. A parking attendant saw metal pipes and wires attached to a battery inside. After investigations it became apparent the equipment was in fact a science experiment in generating power on the move.



Crossing the Channel – All operators are warning passengers to leave plenty of time for journeys to the port. With availability often limited at this time of the year, late passengers may have to want considerable time for space, and/or be liable for extra charges.


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