Daily Brief 8 August 2013

Last updated 19:00 BST.


in brief:

Channel delays: P&O Dover-Calais.

Weather: sunny south; thunder central.

Traffic: See @DE_Traffic.

News: Backpack licence plate flashedDutch roadside wolf migrated – Tesla first Europe delivery – Rush movie poster – Bosnia/Serbia new roads – 3k year old ruins bulldozed Bulgaria – Russia postpones TIR exit/Cabotage relaxed.


Tesla Model S. It's here.

Tesla Model S. It’s here. The first European delivery was made yesterday, to a customer in Oslo. Overnight, Tesla also released its second quarter figures. In defiance of expectations it made another (albeit modest) profit. It says the constraint on its business is production not demand. Last week it was revealed the Model S sells more than the Mercedes S Class, BMW 7 Series and Audi A8 in America, taking 8.4% of the luxury segment in H1 2013. At the results presentation, Tesla founder Elon Musk giggled when asked about the new BMW i3. He reportedly said it was cool that other manufacturers were making EVs but that there was ‘room for improvement’. Right hand drive Model S will come out next spring, prices still to be announced.



Meteoalarm weather risk alerts – Red alerts for high temperatures in Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovakia and Poland. Amber warnings for high temps in surrounding countries.

Red Amber alert for storms north east Germany, south east France and Italy.

Weather – fine and sunny across the south, and dry north west, but otherwise lots of rain around, some heavy.


P&O Dover-Calais: ‘We regret to advise that due to earlier delays some services are running with delays of up to 30 minutes. Please check in as normal.’

No other operators currently reporting any delays.

See Traffic/Travel/Weather for more.




Italy – a student who attached a vintage licence plate to the back of his rucksack was flashed by traffic cameras and has now been ticketed for carrying an expired registration says ANSA.


Netherlands – a dead wolf found by the roadside in the north west had probably migrated to the area from Eastern Europe say researchers (via DutchNews.nl). The last confirmed sighting of a wolf in the Netherlands was 1869.


Vauxhall's pretty Cascada convertible has been empowered with an Autobahn-busting 146mph top speed thanks to its new 197bhp 1.6 litre petrol engine.

Vauxhall’s pretty Cascada convertible has been empowered with an Autobahn-busting 146mph top speed thanks to its new 197bhp 1.6 litre petrol engine, the most powerful in the range (beating the diesel biturbo by 5bhp..). Launching at Frankfurt, available to order from October, delivered by January. This car does come in colours other than sand/beige/gold/light brown.


Haulage – The Russian Federal Customs Service has postponed its TIR withdrawal for a month following a meeting with the Association for European Businesses. Moscow says it is owed $630m by the TIR system, disputed by the International Road Union (IRU). The FCS will now leave on 14 September pending further discussions. At the same time, the UK Department for Transport will suspend Cabotage Regulations – whereby foreign hauliers must enter the country loaded and make no more than three deliveries within seven days – during the two busy annual registration periods according to the SMMT.


The most hotly anticipated film of 2013 for petrolheads  - Rush - is due out in nearly a month!

The most hotly anticipated film of 2013 for petrolheads is due out in nearly a month! Poster released today. This film should win an Oscar for the longest run up in cinema history.


Bulgariapretty awful story about how 11th century BC ruins – i.e. over 3,000 years old – were bulldozed ‘in less than half an hour’ during the construction of the Sofia-Greece Struma Highway. So far it is not alleged to have been deliberate.


Serbia – the stretches of new motorway left nearly complete after the demise of Austrian construction corporation Alpine will be re-tendered to local firms under special arrangements says inSerbia. New documents will be issued in the next month with contracts finalised 6-9months after so work can re-start at the beginning of the next building season. The final stretches of the road linking second city Nis to the Bulgarian border in the south east of Serbia – from Pirot to Dimitrovgrad – could be open by mid-2016.


Bosnia and Herzegovina – by next spring, motorway could run through the centre of the troubled country, from fourth city Zenica via Sarajevo to Tarcin, well on the way to Mostar. Despite being only 60 miles in total, the new stretch will be a substantial sign that real progress is being made on the long beleaguered Budapest-Adriatic Corridor 5c. The announcement of new contracts comes on the back of a successfully completed dual carriageway to and from the new border point with Croatia at Bijaca.



Crossing the Channel – All operators are warning passengers to leave plenty of time for journeys to the port. With availability often limited at this time of the year, late passengers may have to want considerable time for space, and/or be liable for extra charges.


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