Daily Brief 17 August 2013

Last updated 18:10BST.



The Grossglockner High Alpine Road, the highest in Austria at 8,215ft. Runs 48km north south through the centre of the country on the B107 between Heiligenblut and Bruck. Closer to Salzburg but pretty much between there, Villach and Innsbruck. Named after the 12,460ft Grossglockner mountain to the west. It costs €33 for a car. It’s Austria’s second most visited tourist attraction with a million annual visitors and 300,000 vehicles, all compressed into the six months of the year when it’s open: May to November. There were traffic jams yesterday morning. Go early or late: it opens at 5am and closes at about 20:30. See www.grossglockner.at for more, and for details of the other spectacular mountain roads in Austria.


Channel delays: none reported currently.

Weather alerts: Amber: high temps, heavy rain central east Spain, forest fire Slovenia, high temps Montenegro.

Weather: hot and sunny apart from the UK and Scandinavia, again.

Traffic: The busiest day so far, some delays remaining, see @DE_Traffic.

See Travel/Traffic/Weather for more.

News: AA fuel discount – Russia/Georgia border reopens – Belarus first EV points.


Fuel – buyers of the AA’s European Breakdown Cover get a 3 cents per litre discount at Shell petrol stations across the Continent. The offer applies to purchases made before 15 September, and other terms and conditions apply – like 30 litre minimum in France – but it seems fairly straight up.


Georgia/Russia – the two countries will finally reopen border crossings for regular traffic. The move will be a significant step towards normalising relations following the war in South Ossetia at the time of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Agreement was reached in Moscow in early August but is yet to be implemented.


Belarus – the country’s largest fuel retailer Belorusneft will install the first electric vehicle charging points by the end of the year, in capital Minsk and second city Gomel in the south east.


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