Daily Brief 31 August 2013

Last updated 18:00 BST.


See below for the latest Traffic/Travel/Weather.


Fontainebleau. A line of incredible classic cars - Ferrari, Bugatti, Aston, Alfa and Jaguar - appears outside the breakfast window. The Turin Auto d'Epoca is on its annual jaunt across the Alps to Paris. What's the lesson here? Nothing really, just the magic sometimes of being on holiday.

Really random pic. A line of classic cars drove past the breakfast window in Fontainebleau. The Milano Auto d’Epoca on the last stage of its annual Molsheim-Paris rally. One of those weird things that happens on holiday.


Channel delays: Eurotunnel: ‘Flexi queue massive’ from France says @HarrisMonkey, Pistonheads.com journalist. Operator now saying 15mins delay before check-in due to high volume of traffic.

Condor affecting Express and Vitesse sailings today and tomorrow. Stena Harwich-Hook delayed by late freight after Eurotunnel problems.

Weather alerts: Amber – heavy rain/storms Sardinia.

Weather: hot and sunny across the south apart south Italy. Cloud/rain north and north east.

Traffic: see @DE_Traffic from 08:00BST.

See Travel/Traffic/Weather for more.


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