Crazy Horst – EC at Gibraltar border – California Dreaming

Last updated 21:00 BST.


News – Crazy Horst – EC lands in Gibraltar – California Dreaming.

Channel delays: none reported currently.

Weather alerts: No Red or Amber weather warnings currently.

Weather: Settled. Fine in the south. Showers/snow Scandinavia.

Traffic: see @DE_Traffic from 08:30 BST.

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'Crazy' Horst Seehofer, President elect of Bavaria.

‘Crazy’ Horst Seehofer, President elect of Bavaria. Only had time to trim one eyebrow.

Germany – ‘The toll for cars is non-negotiable,’ says Der Spiegel after an interview with Horst Seehofer today. Angela Merkel’s junior partner finally broke his silence about the coalition negotiations following Germany’s General Election on Sunday. As well as ruling out any deal with the Green Party he has again put forward his road tax proposals: foreign drivers will have to pay to use the roads. Seehofer says he wants to come to an agreement with Merkel on the issue before she starts negotiations with other parties. Der Spiegel says he’s confident they will do a deal. All seems lost. But don’t discount the possibility that the Coalition talks ultimately fail, and that there may have to be another election…



Gibraltar. There were no queues when the team of inspectors from the European Commission turned up this morning but by tea time this evening there were five lanes of traffic waiting to cross into Spain. The delays however were not as long as they have been in recent days and weeks. Some onlookers expressed frustration that the visit – comprising Justice & Home Affairs, Customs and anti-Fraud units – was announced in advance though a spokesman said the inspection was just one part of the monitoring exercise. Journalists were certainly miffed to be kept at arm’s length when the officials toured the facilities on the Spanish side of the frontier, in sharp contrast to the ‘access all areas’ policy of the Gibraltar authorities. The European Commission has yet to set a date when it will publish its findings. Pic via @GBCNewsroom.


roundupSwitzerland. In the latest referendum round voters backed plans to allow service stations to sell essentials to travellers 24/7. Currently they are only allowed to sell coffee, cooked food and fuel from 1-5am and on Sundays. The 24 garages on the motorway network only will now be allowed to sell all kinds of food plus hygiene products and newspapers/magazines. Law enforcement. The pan-European Speed Week, co-ordinated by TISPOL 19-25 August, collared a record 728,268 drivers, beating last year’s told by almost a quarter of a million. One UK driver caught at 193kmh (120mph) on the A43 near Lyon was fined €750 and had his licence taken away pending a court case. Sweden. Following a similar call in Norway last week, and with temperatures set to plunge this week – and the first snow related accident last night – police say it’s time to switch to winter tyres. Fuel. A handy website for the latest fuel prices for every country in Europe, from Andorra to Albania – – updated daily.


We've moved on from the Jaguar F-TYPE.

We’ve moved on from the Jaguar F-TYPE. Only two seats you see, wouldn’t suit our lifestyle, plus there’s only so much of Lana Del Rey’s ‘Burning Desire’ we can handle. Meanwhile, it comes to our attention that the Ferrari California is a 2+2. Who knew? Plus, the rear seats can also be replaced with a dog friendly parcel shelf. Mmnnn. The California is a bit softer than your average Ferrari too, good for long distances. And it accelerates from 0-60 in 3.9secs. You can buy an Approved Used for under £100,000! Really starting to add up here. The upcoming 911 Targa is going to have to go some to beat this baby. Result: Ferrari California, provisional European Touring Car Champion. Pic: Amsterdam, 2012.


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