Tesla Model S biggest seller Norway – Oresund lights up.

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Peberholm. The artificial island in the middle of the Oresund between Denmark and Sweden, where the famous bridge becomes a tunnel for the final stretch to Copenhagen, had a special light installation last night to commemorate the 2 October 1943, 70 years ago, when 7,000 Jews escaped imminent deportation. There was no bridge then of course, just a fleet of sailing boats. It’s has been subject to revision on several occasions since, on both sides of the water, but the fact remains: 99% of Denmark’s Jewish population survived the war.


NORWAY. Tesla’s Model S did indeed end up the top selling car in Norway in September taking 5.1% of the entire market. It sold 616 units compared to 561 of the number two placed VW Golf. Tesla has sold an incredible 808 Model S since it went on sale in August. Obviously early adopters are at work – in Norway it sells for £47-63,000 – even so, all eyes will be peeled for the next set of sales figures at the beginning of November.


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