Ukraine, traffic and the EU

Last updated 20:30 BST.


NEWS: Implications of Ukraine’s EU Eastern Partnership Deal.

Channel delays: DFDS Dover-Calais 21:15 and Calais-Dover 23:00 delayed 40mins due to port movements, check-in on time.

Weather alerts: No red or amber alerts so far today.

Weather: Morning fog in much of north/west/central then cold later but dry with sunny spells. Rain north Italy.

Traffic: see @DE_Traffic, from 05:30BST.

See Travel/Traffic/Weather for more.



The Poland-Ukraine border. Picture courtesy of FRONTEX, the EU border agency.


UKRAINE. The Eastern Partnership deal, the first step for far East European countries to join the EU (including Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia) will – hopefully – be signed at a summit in Vilnius in late November. The deal is still by no means certain – Russia isn’t happy for instance, see DriveEurope 18 September – but already the first steps in transport have been spelled out in a press release from the European Commission today. The first is harmonisation of rules and regulations when – like Serbia, also not yet an full EU member – Ukraine could (we emphasise could) recognise western European driving insurance policies. This would remove a bureaucratic if not expensive procedure at the border. The second – more definite – is an upgrade of the E40/M10/M-06 Krakovits-Lviv-Brody-Rivne road to modern standards. Ultimately that will connect Katowice/Krakow in eastern Poland (and thus Berlin) with Ukraine capital Kiev.


Random: descending the Bernina Pass, from St Moritz, Switzerland, to Tirano, Italy.

Random: descending the Bernina Pass, from St Moritz, Switzerland, to Tirano, Italy.


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