Pothole on New Europe – Bulgaria roads under fire

Last updated 21:00 BST.


NEWS: Pothole on the new New Europe Bridge – report disses new Bulgaria road building.

Channel delays: none reported currently.

Weather alerts: Amber alert for heavy rain north France coast. Yellow alert for heavy rain and high winds Dutch coast.

Weather: Sunny in the South but rain in the North.

Traffic: see @DE_Traffic, from 08:00BST.

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Belaya Skala, Ukraine.

Belaya Skala – meaning White Rock – 100m high, sheer limestone and sandstone cliffs overlooking the Biyuk-Karasu river in Crimea, Ukraine. Picture by Sergey Anashkevitch, courtesy of www.ukrainetrek.com


The mile long Danube 2 bridge will be opened on 9 May 2013 (Europe Day) by European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso. First discussed in the 1960s, first works started in 2002, the bridge is only the second fixed link across Romania and Bulgaria’s 280 mile Danube border.

Romania-Bulgaria. A large pothole has appeared – already – on the brand new New Europe bridge, opened in June. It’s on the Romania to Bulgaria, Calafat to Vidin, carriageway. Update: Luckily, water has not seeped into the cavity underneath and damaged communication cables as first feared.

More – The quality of recent road building in Bulgaria has come under attack by newly installed Regional Development Minister Desislava Terzieva. She criticised the ‘lowest bidder’ policy of the previous government in a report on her first 100 days in office citing cost increases on the Trakia and Lyulin Highways, the latter of which has already had emergency repair work due to poor quality lining. A TV report says 80% of the 61 EU part funded programmes have defects. A full report from the Road Infrastructure Agency is due in mid-October.


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