Commanding view – Speed Blitz results – Sweden record road safety

Last updated 18:00 BST.


NEWS: German Speed Blitz results – record Sweden road safety – new Belarus tour site.

Channel delays: none reported currently.

Weather alerts: Yellow alert for fog, low temps high winds Germany. Amber alert for fog Montenegro.

Weather: Rain north and west, sunshine in the south.

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A cracking, well organised and comprehensive website for touring and travelling in Belarus is a

Belarus’ already well organised and comprehensive tourism website – – is about to receive an upgrade, we understand, with more comprehensive info on touring routes and nearby attractions. The complicating factor visiting the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries – Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan – is the (expensive, £75) visa and infamous Letter of Invitation. That’s not due to change unfortunately, nevertheless the website talks you through what to do. These days you also need to consider the new electronic toll system on the major motorways – and that, outside of major intersections, the signs are in Cyrillic script only. You also need an International Driving Permit (see AA, RAC) and to buy extra driving and travel insurance at the border.


GERMANY. 83,000 drivers – out of three million checked – were caught speeding during last week’s Speed Blitz in Germany. Two people caught at 250kmh in a 120kmh zone now face fines of at least €600 and a three month ban. One driver caught at 119kmh in a 50kmh zone was fined €480 and banned for three months. Another caught at 75kmh in a 30kmh zone faces a €200 fine and a one month ban. Fifteen thousand officers were stationed at nine thousand locations over a 24 hour period across the country on 10 October. It’s set to become an annual event.


Commanding view: head up display in the Rolls Royce Ghost.

Commanding view: head up display in the Rolls Royce Ghost. We need to know where this photo is taken.


SWEDEN. In news sure to send a shiver down the spine of the UK’s Department for Transport, serious road accidents in Sweden have dipped to levels not seen since the 1940s. Sweden and the Netherlands vie with the UK for safest roads in the EU, if not the world. September saw fatal accident levels a third lower than the recent monthly average, a new record. Modern vehicles and speed cameras are being credited with the improvement according to


TURKEY. A ‘midnight raid’ last night saw construction work start on the controversial road through Ankara’s ODTU University campus. Protestors responded this afternoon by replanting some of the trees.


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