Record carnage Turkey – Swiss vignette vote – P1, P1 Nurburgring? – UK-Romania: roads? – Colle d’Oggia.

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Channel delays: Tech hitch cancellations P&O Calais-Dover 17:55 and Dover-Calais 19:15. DFDS Dover-Calais delayed by 50mins for operational reasons. Ship’s maintenance cancels LD Lines Gijon-St Nazaire today. DFDS Newcastle-Amsterdam 60mins late arriving tomorrow.

Weather alertsAmber alert for high winds Switzerland and north west Spain, storms north west Italy, heavy rain Portugal, and snow and ice central Finland.

Weather: Wet and windy in the west, sunniest in the East.

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TURKEY. Early reports that traffic had been more evenly spread this weekend, the end of the ten day Eid celebrations, raised expectations that this holiday period would escape without the usual terrible carnage on Turkey’s roads. The three day Eid in August saw 86 people killed and 4,711 injured. However, a new record has in fact been set: 131 killed and over 6,000 injured in 3,319 separate accidents according to Dogan news agency.

On a slightly happier note, in response to environmental concerns over the Third Bosphorus Bridge and a new road through Ankara’s ODTU University, prime minister Recep Erdogan today told a parliamentary group meeting, ‘Anything could be sacrificed to build a road. We would even destroy a mosque if it was in the way of a road project.’ Riots erupted again last night at ODTU; the UK Foreign Office warns to ‘stay away from demonstrations’.



UNOFFICIAL REPORTS: It’s slower in a straight line than every jerry built megacar according to Twitter last night (accelerating from 0-124mph in a lazy 6.8secs). However, rumour has it that the McLaren P1 has just lapped the Nurburgring in 6m47. That’s not just ten seconds faster than the time its rival Porsche 918 managed just a few weeks ago – loudly trumpeted at the Frankfurt Motor Show, video and all – but it would be the fastest ever road car lap, full stop. Pic via


SWITZERLAND. A new survey says a narrow majority is in favour of the proposed hike in the cost of the motorway vignette. According to polling institute GFS Bern (via 53% of voters accept the government’s proposal to raise the annual fee from 40CHF to 100CHF (£70). Six percent are undecided. On the face of it that’s bad news for foreign motorists but the proposal also includes a new two month vignette for tourists, at 40CHF. Campaigners against the rise don’t want the tourist exemption either. A narrow vote either way raises the spectre of a compromise: a mid-way figure of 70CHF has been suggested, without the tourist ticket. The referendum will be held on 24 November. The new system is due in 2015.

Also, the Great St Bernard Pass between Switzerland and Italy has closed for the winter reports @ANWBEuropa.


French farmers union FDSEA organised a day of action against the upcoming ECOTAXE, electronic truck tolls due in January. Gantries built to hold the scanners for the system were symbolically covered in forty locations across the country where the tech has already been installed. A report from France 24 yesterday suggested that agricultural and milk trucks will be exempt from the scheme.

French farmers’ union FDSEA organised a day of action today, against the upcoming ECOTAXE electronic truck toll system due in January. They say local produce will be tolled many more times than imports. The toll gantries were ‘symbolically’ covered in forty locations across the country. However, a report yesterday from suggests French agriculture and milk trucks may have already won an exemption. Pic via @SEB_FDSEA60


ROMANIA. An extremely interesting event at the British Embassy in Bucharest today. Twenty British companies involved in mass transport and infrastructure, including Atkins and Mott McDonald, gathered in the ornate conference room to ‘address possibilities for co-operation in infrastructure projects’. It’s the largest business conference organised by the Embassy this year and was addressed by in-coming transport minister Ramona Manescu. She will be all ears. Not always through its own fault, Romania lags far behind its neighbour Bulgaria in building vital new roads. Ambassador Martin Harris said, ‘Transport is the engine for economic development for any country.’ He’s not wrong. British companies have not so far been that involved in Romanian roads. Can we now make the difference?


San Remo: Giandemenico Basso wins a dramatic Sanremo Rally, clinching victory on the final stage through Colle d'Oggia.

ITALY: Giandemenico Basso wins a dramatic Sanremo Rally in north west Italy, clinching victory on the final stage through Colle d’Oggia. The stage runs in a loop in the mountains behind the town on the coast near the French border – SP61, SP63 and SP55. Pic via @FIA


BELGIUM. Kerfuffle after it was revealed PM Elio di Rupo’s official car has a Coyote radar detector installed on the dashboard. His office is trying to brazen it out saying the device is perfectly legal. Using it over the French border however could cost him a €30,000 fine. PORTUGAL. Police have posted the locations of temporary speed cameras for the remainder of October on their Facebook page. EUROTUNNEL. Revenue is up 16% overall to €310m in the third quarter (compared to Q3 2012) mainly due to its rail freight Europorte division. The number of cars carried increased by 3% but market share dips to below the majority at 49%. Trucks were down 8% following a drop of 7% overall in the first half of the year which the company ascribes to increase in the ferry capacity between Dover and Calais; Eurotunnel will ‘maintain its price policy which is based on the Tunnel’s strengths.’ BOSNIA. After a break of nearly 30 years, motorsport will return to Sarajevo next month. The last Jahorina Rally, set in the mountains which surround the town, was run in 1985 and starred a young Philippe Bugalski, and local hero Brane Kuzmic, both in works Renault 5 Turbo 2s. The event will be run to FIA regional rally rules over three days from Saturday 2 November.


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