F-TYPE Coupe

Last updated 19:00 BST.


Channel delays: Eurotunnel freight, 30mins delay UK, high volume.

Weather alerts: Amber alert high winds Germany, storms Greece.

Weather: Widespread rain, fine through Iberia and east Mediterranean.

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Jaguar F-TYPE Coupe. To be revealed on 19 November, on the eve of the Los Angeles auto show. On sale in the Spring.

Jaguar F-TYPE Coupe. Revealed fully on 19 November, the eve of the Los Angeles auto show. On sale in the Spring. Autocar says the Coupe is ‘significantly lighter’ than its convertible stablemate. Will it be significantly cheaper too?


UKRAINE/RUSSIA. Two hundred trucks waiting at the Russian border since 28 October have now been ‘processed’ according to the Moscow Times. As with Lithuanian trucks last month, new stringent border controls were imposed without warning. It’s believed to be the latest round in Russian hardball tactics ahead of the Vilnius Summit this month when Ukraine hopes to sign an association agreement with the EU.


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