The Quick and the Brave – New road to Lesnovo

Last updated 18:00 BST.


Channel delays: Brittany Ferries Portsmouth-Bilbao delayed until 22:30 by bad weather.

Weather alerts: Amber alert high winds and rain Switzerland/Italy and north east Spain.

Weather: Windy, unsettled. Dry Iberia, southern Baltic. Mistral South of France. Showers Mediterranean.

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Evoque convertible:

For the brave, and the quick: it’s either a nightmarish, mutant hybrid you wouldn’t be seen dead in – or – the apparently upcoming Evoque convertible is every kind of car you could possibly ever want, all wrapped up in one neat vehicle. A compact 4×4, with real off-road ability, practical, comfortable, stylish with a small s, a heritage that makes you want to push further and a badge that wouldn’t look out of place in Casino Square. And potentially now completely open to the elements too. A real go anywhere, do anything car. If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t care what other people think, you only want the best tool for the job, it’s time to getting moving: despite not being confirmed for production yet, according to the Land Rover dealer we spoke to yesterday, eager customers are already putting deposits down.




Macedonia. The renovated road between Sveti Nikole and Probistip opened today brings the famous Lesnovo Monastery in much easier reach. Lesnovo is the largest and best preserved 14th century Byzantine building in the Balkans. Sveti Nikole lies along the main road between Kumanovo and Shtip in the centre of the country. The new road cuts 25km off the journey but, most importantly, makes it much safer to drive.


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