GT3 Baku

Last updated 18:15 GMT.


Channel delays: Brittany Ferries Santander-Portsmouth delayed 3h00 by bad weather. ETA 20:15. Departure Portsmouth-St Malo also delayed, latest check-in 22:00.

Weather alerts: Amber alerts heavy snow south east France and north Spain. Storms Greece, heavy rain Montenegro.

Weather: Heavy snow. Cold across Europe. Showery, windy in the Mediterranean.

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FRANCE. A fireman on his way to work was killed this morning after a collision with a truck taking part in today’s Blockade of Paris. Six others were injured in a separate accident involving a protestor’s vehicle. The demonstration, affecting major routes particularly to the west of the city, was over rising taxes, including the truck toll Ecotax. Traffic was not seriously disrupted apart from some localised queues. Government ministers called for the Blockade to be lifted after the incidents. Vehicles dispersed late morning.


GT3 Baku:

GT3 Baku: the FIA GT Series season finale races around the streets of Baku, capital of Azerbaijan, this weekend. The title is still up for grabs but, either way, will be won by an Audi R8 LMS Ultra driver: Frank Stippler and Stephane Ortelli are separated by just six points. The boomerang shaped course along the coast is described as fast and technical (‘very, very fast’ said a tweet from the organisers as they arrived last night) with some kinks but few chicanes. Sebastian Loeb will race a McLaren MP4 GT3, as will rising star, F1-bound, Stoffel Van Doorne. The action is live on Youtube, see for more.


ITALY. Keep motorway toll receipts for ten years says @newsfromitaly after a reader was fined for a violation in 2010 and didn’t have the receipt to show it had been paid. Similarly, keep your Hungarian vignette for two years. IRELAND. Rural 80kmh speed limit signs will be taken down and replaced with a black circle and diagonal line. The speed limit has not been lowered but authorities say the new sign indicates to motorists to use their own judgement. ROMANIA. Clearing roads of snow cost €1,500 per kilometre last winter according to official figures out today. Is that a lot? BRUSSELS RING ROAD. The EU, via its TEN-T transport agency, will pay €1m for new studies to improve traffic flow and safety on one of Europe’s blackest traffic hotspots, the R0 Brussels Ring Road. The idea is to separate local and transit traffic but without building new road space. We reported last month new plans to overhaul R0 (including actually adding an extra lane..).


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