Autobahn Blockade – more Ecotax demos – winter tyres Finland

Last updated 20:00 GMT.


Channel delays: P&O Hull-Zeebrugge, cancelled today after tech issue at Hull Port. Click link for more.

Weather alerts: Amber severe weather alerts for high winds Baltic States and across the south, storms and high winds, particularly Italy.

Weather: Heavy snow in the north, storms across the south, see above. Else cold but dry.

See Travel/Traffic/Weather for more.


FRANCE. More anti-Ecotaxe road blocks are planned for tomorrow. Organised this time by Spinelli Collectif National Preservation du Transport (CNPTRF). Demonstrators plan to block the A25 between Lille and Dunkirk in both directions from 07:00, possibly until the French government cancels the Ecotaxe electronic truck toll system completely. There are also actions planned in Marseille and possibly the Paris region. Updates when we have them.


Autobahn Blockade.


GERMANY/AUSTRIA: The lifting of an exemption from the vignette for drivers using the A12 motorway from the German border to the ski spots in Austria sparked a temporary blockade this morning.

It’s supremely ironic in the week the incoming Grand Coalition government in Germany agreed to introduce a vignette solely for foreign drivers.

Doubly so because the idea originated in Bavaria, from where many of the protestors come.

To be fair, Austrian locals are involved too because they fear forcing tourists to buy the vignette – which costs €8.30 for ten days – will hit business, and lead to drivers diverting through villages.

The Austrian government has denied the introduction of controls is a tit for tat measure over the German vignette but even so some are referring to the dispute as the ‘Pickerl-krieg’, vignette-war. The battleground may also shift to reciprocal arrangements for cross border student tuition fees.

Drivers caught without the vignette windscreen sticker on the A12 ‘Inntalautobahn’ now face a €120 fine.

The 6km stretch of road A12/A93 between Kufstein on the Austria side and Kiefersfelden across the border will be occupied by protestors until 13:00 local time.

update 13:00 – protestors have dispersed and the road has no reopened.


FINLAND. Winter tyres are mandatory for all vehicles from today (1 December). We reported in mid-October how winter tyres were recommended then required after early snow in northern parts of the country. Interestingly, the quote from the transport ministry says summer tyres are no longer allowed, i.e. presumably All Season tyres (marked M+S) are acceptable. We’re still chasing down an official English language source for winter tyre requirements.


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