Eurotunnel 24/7

Merry Christmas!

Last updated 18:30 GMT.


CHANNEL DELAYS: Port of Dover shut until 06:00 Thursday 26 December.

Eurotunnel passenger and freight services continue throughout. No delays so far today.

WEATHER ALERTSRED ALERT for snow/ice/high winds central+east Switzerland.

Amber alert heavy rain France, Spain (Gibraltar), Portugal, Italy and high winds Germany, Norway, Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Poland. South west Sweden flooding.

WEATHER: Dry in East but cold. Heavy rain West. Gales, heavy rain western Mediterranean.

TRAFFIC: Paris very busy. Germany, A6 eastbound from A5, direction Heilbronn, lane closed, J32-33a. Germany expected to be busy later.

See Travel/Traffic/Weather for more.


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When they say 24/7 they mean 24/7. Eurotunnel trains run throughout Christmas and New Year.


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