Snapshot 2013: 10 best photos

Our top ten favourite photographs of 2013.


"Another driver's manoeuvre... Evasive action... We're in the ditch : ( "

April: while driving from capital Dushanbe to Khudzand in Tajikistan a delegation of Foreign Office staff end up in a ditch after being forced to take evasive action. The next thing they do? Make a cup of tea of course. Pic via @LeighTurnerFCO


Romania will cut the toll for crossing the Giurgiu-Ruse bridge from €6 to €3 from early September, almost bringing into line with the €2 it costs to cross from the Bulgarian side. The 60 year old bridge is in need of thorough renovation. A massive, spontaneous pothole on the Bulgarian carriageway caused huge disruption in the spring. The two sides have agreed on the need for a new crossing and will hopefully formalise the arrangements in November.

May: France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Greece and Bulgaria were great but we’ve been to all those places before. The only new country on our trip in May was Romania. This is the moment of maximum anticipation, crossing the Danube from Ruse to Giurgiu.


TISPOL Speed Week. Police across Europe will be on the look out for speeding drivers this week, so watch out.

June: this young Audi R8 driver paid a €750 fine to grinning French police officers on his way down to Le Mans. Another man had his (company) R8 confiscated. Jeremy Clarkson had his licence taken away in October. Hardly anybody escaped the great speeding crackdown in France in 2013.


The Rolls-Royce Rally on the Loibl Pass, Slovenia to Italy.

June: the Rolls-Royce Centenary Rally had the Loibl Pass between Slovenia and Austria opened specially. Many drivers tackled the 28.5% dirt road in cars over 100 years old.


Vladimir Putin driving himself to the opening ceremony of a new section of the trans-St Petersburg Western High-Speed Diameter road yesterday. Two of the three sections are now open to traffic. The road through-passes the historic city centre. Putin used the opportunity to make it clear Russia is open to foreign investment in the next stages of its infrastructure plans which include a new ring road around Moscow. a

August: Vladimir Putin drives himself to the opening ceremony of a section of the St Petersburg Western High-Speed Diameter road. We still don’t know what car he’s driving (Answer: Mercedes-Benz S-Class, thanks to @Corver911). Photo via


Truck fans will enjoy the Grand Prix, it seems every team - plus formula one management (FOM) - buy new rigs every season. Parked out by fagnes.

August: the race was boring but this row of brand new Mercedes-Benz Actros trucks at the Belgian Grand Prix was pretty cool.


Ukraine. The Ministry of Internal Affairs has invested in 1,200 Toyota Prius hybrids, thirty of which were delivered to the Kharkiv force yesterday according to an official statement.

September: traffic officers in north east city Kharkiv take delivery of the first of 1,200 Toyota Prius hybrids ordered by the Ukraine police. The cars are due to be used even by the fearsome Berkut militia/riot squad though we’re not sure what it will do for their reputation.


The landscape of Kazakhstan (the same size as Western Europe) and Uzbekistan varies enormously. From over 400ft below sea level in the east to well over 20,000ft in the west, with desert, lowland and plateaus in between. And they are not even at the Himalayas yet.

October: the Range Rover Hybrid adventure from the UK to India tackled roads varying from 430 feet below sea level to nearly 20,000 feet above on the drive through Kazakhstan.


Ferry leaving Newhaven harbour in storm, East Sussex, England by David Lyon.

October: ‘Ferry leaving Newhaven harbour in storm, East Sussex, England’ by David Lyon won a top prize in this year’s Landscape Photographer of the Year competition. Picture used by kind permission.



November: an incredible drive across south east Europe takes a breather in Turkey. Where there’s trucks there’s food (and wifi). @TheBlondeGyspy, @Yomadic and @PhillJane drove from the Balkans across Turkey to Georgia and Armenia in Nancy, a Renault Clio that cost €350. They’re still going. If you fancy it yourself they are running a tour next year, see


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