Bridge 911

Last updated 18:00 GMT.


CHANNEL DELAYS: DFDS Dover-Dunkirk 18:00 delayed 60mins.

Phone to check: Condor Ferries disruption Monday. Brittany Ferries many sailings disrupted, and/or brought forward until Wednesday.

WEATHER ALERTRED Austria, Slovenia (snow), Serbia (wind).

Amber alerts: w.France (flood), Spain+Portugal (coast), Italy (rain), Norway (forest fire), Croatia, Slovakia (snow), Greece (storms).

WEATHER: Snow Alps>East and Scandinavia. Windy. Heavy rain Italy. Wet and cold Spain.

MAJOR TRAFFIC DELAYS: southbound A51 into Aix-en-Provence, accident, queue J15-12 delay 30mins. Westbound A4 from Milan, accident at Marcallo, delay 40mins.

ROADS: Snow on motorways south Switzerland, south Austria and north east Italy (Lazio Rome region has declared state of emergency, there is a high risk of avalanche/landslip in north east Italy and Catanzaro seafront has been shut due to violent seas). Massif Central France, snow on verges but roads clear.

North Serbia – also badly hit by snow, truck ban from Hungary and Romania – and Finland, plus latest from Kefalonia, Greece.

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Stuff the murder(s), what about the car?

bridge 911 big jpfg

Every cult detective needs a cool car – think Bergerac’s Triumph Roadster, Magnum’s 308, Crockett’s Testarossa, Morse’s Mark 2 – though that’s been an element missing so far from the new wave of Scandinavian crime drama. Until now.

Even though we haven’t seen The Bridge – two seasons of The Killing, all three kinds of Wallander, Borgen, and the books and films of Girl with the Dragon Tattoo were enough for us – it hasn’t escaped our attention that the star drives an olive green Porsche 911 (we did catch the bit where she points her Sig Sauer P228 through the windscreen to jog the memory of a traumatised shooting victim sat inside).

As a treat to mark the series finale last night, Porsche Origin has tracked down the provenance of a car that has fascinated so many.

Actually it’s a Jager Grun – hunter green – 1977 911S. That is, a big engine (180bhp) in a narrow body.

Originally exported to the US it was spotted on sale in San Francisco by the test editor of Teknikens Varld magazine and brought back to Sweden in 2010.

From there it swiftly made its way to the production company that made The Bridge and onto our TV screens. Diehard fans – i.e. anybody reading to the end of this story – need to know the actual car is on display at the Nordicana Festival in London, ending today.


One thought on “Bridge 911

  1. Actually, the 2.7 litre 1977 911S had 165 bhp, not 180. Only the subsequent year, 1978, when the engine was changed to the 3 litre unit from the former 911 Carrera, did it get 180 bhp, but then with the new model designation 911SC. With its The fact that this originally was a US spec car is now well concealed, with European headlights, rear light lenses and rear bumper guards. However, the original front indicator lights give it away. By the way, Porsche used more than 30 different green paint colours in the 1970s alone but I have no account of a colour called Jagdgrun/ Hunter Green. The colour looks pretty much like 274 Olive Green to me, which was a new standard colour between 1978 to 1980. I am therefore inclined to think it has been repainted at some point (which would not be unusual at all for a California car).

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