Half term holiday traffic

The ski routes in France, Germany and Austria are all expected to busy tomorrow as half term holidaymakers change over. Meanwhile, road works could make the Italian A22 Brennero heavy going.


Update 11:30France: the heaviest traffic was supposed to be returning from the Alps direction Paris and it is busy N90 Bourg-Moutiers-Albertville and then A43 to Chambery. Much busier however is the other way, A6 Paris-Lyon (now calming) and A43 Lyon-Chambery.

Switzerland: an accident A1 Zurich-St Gallen into Winterthur has led to long delays so far, and A1 Bern>A2. Otherwise not too bad.

Germany: particularly busy is A3 Cologne-Frankfurt-Nuremberg, eastbound from Cologne and Frankfurt, westbound from Nuremberg. Latterly A9 Munich-Nuremberg is seeing long delays.

Also, A96/A7 Memmingen (see below).

Austria: the A7/B179 Fernpass has been predictably crowded, less so A95 Munich-Garmisch Partenkirchen. Completely wrong were our assertions about A12 Innsbruck<>Munich – busy in both directions but mainly northbound from Austria and southbound from Germany. Rather than take their chances on the main road border crossings, Germans seem to have splurged on the vignette, or they are chancing it.

While it has been busy S16 westbound towards Lake Constance and Bregenz border crossing the traffic has been moving, until it reaches the A7 junction at Memmingen on the A96. Long delays northbound.

Meanwhile, as predicted long delays at road works northbound A22 Bolzano in Italy.


The A5 Frankfurt-Basel is expected to be busy tomorrow (though apparently not over the Swiss border).

The A5 Frankfurt-Basel is expected to be busy tomorrow (though apparently not over the Swiss border).


Motoring organisations in France, Germany and Austria are warning of heavy holiday traffic this Saturday. The main culprits are the Dutch who start and finish school holidays this weekend, as do places in central and eastern Germany.

Strangely, the Swiss have not issued major warnings – probably because less than half of their regions are on holiday – though access roads to the ski resorts in Graubünden, the Bernese Oberland, the Valais and central Switzerland will all be busy.

The Rhone Alpes region in south east France is code red (one down from the worst) for traffic returning home says Bison-Fute. Inevitably this means jams on the N90 from Bourg-Moutiers and on the A430/A43 Chambery-Lyon then A6 back to Paris. From experience, the roads are busy from very early on, quieting down after lunch.

Away from the ski routes the roads in Germany are likely to be relatively quiet, but that still means many roads will be clogged with traffic, and both ways. In particular, ADAC identifies A3 Cologne-Nuremberg, A5 Frankfurt-Basel, A7 Wurzburg-Ulm-Fussen (Austria border), A8 Karlsruhe-Stuttgart-Munich-Salzburg (and A93 to Kufstein), A9 Nuremberg-Munich, A99 Munich ring and A95 Munich-Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

Also, all cross-border roads between Germany and Austria are bound to have long delays. Unlike France the queues tend to last all day.

Meanwhile, western Austria is best avoided tomorrow. OAMTC particularly highlights B320 Enns Valley road near Liezen, A10 Tauern motorway Salzburg-Bischofshofen, B188 Silvrettastrasse, B179 Fernpassstrasse (cross border with Germany), B169 Zillertal road and S16 Arlberg expressway, Bludenz-Landeck.

With many Germans avoiding the A12 because they have to buy a vignette for the short stretch to the border for the first time this year, it might be worth a punt (though main feeder roads will be busy). Despite the warnings over S16, the Bregenz border crossing at Lake Constance – traditionally a massive traffic blackspot – has been much quieter this winter after a big upgrade.

Finally, the A22 Brennero motorway in Italy is bound to suffer delays tomorrow, especially because of on-going road repairs north of Bolzano after land slips last weekend.


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