Roads blocked, Crimea – They’re back


Foreign nationals advised to leave immediately, by road.

Crimea. Photo via @EuroMaidanPR

Occupying troops in Crimea. Photo via @EuroMaidanPR

Nationality? Russian. Occupation? No, no, just visiting.

It only took a good night’s sleep for EuroMaidan activists to get their sense of humour back but with Putin’s intentions as yet unknown the tension in Crimea is still palpable.

In this context, reports that troops were digging trenches on the border was greeted as good news because it implied they weren’t looking to occupy the entire country.

The British Embassy is advising UK nationals to leave immediately, and not by the airport.

‘Train and bus routes out of the peninsula are still operating. There are reports of road blocks, but traffic is able to get through,’ says the latest FCO advice.

Meanwhile @BBCDanielS tweets, ‘By the way, when this is all over, Crimea is well worth a visit.’


They're Back: the @PoleofCold Land Rover queuing for the DFDS Esbjerg-Harwich boat in Denmark yesterday.

They’re Back: the @PoleofCold Land Rover queues for the DFDS Esbjerg-Harwich boat in Denmark yesterday. Catch up with their amazing 35,000km two month drive through Russia – as far east as Japan/Beijing, to the world’s coldest inhabited place (-59 degrees when they were there) – at Also back this weekend was the Autocar Qashqai on Tour drive, 5,378.8 miles over 13 days from Sunderland (home of the Nissan Qashqai) to Istanbul and back, via around 16 countries. They averaged 50.5mpg. Read a blow by blow account at


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