Security lockdown, Holland

The Nuclear Security Summit in The Hague, from Sunday to Wednesday, will cause major traffic disruption. The biggest impact will be concentrated in the south and west Netherlands but the effects will also be felt right across the country.


Large scale road closures accompany next week's Nuclear Security Summit in The Hague, starting tomorrow, all along the western side of Holland. Details later.

The A4 between Amsterdam and The Hague will be one of the roads most affected. Photo @DriveEurope

Disgruntled Dutch truckers have vowed a ‘warm spring and hot summer’ on the roads after collective talks between unions and management broke down on Thursday. This follows a successful go-slow on motorways around the country two weeks ago.

In the meantime Dutch motorists have to contend with this week’s Nuclear Security Summit at The Hague.

There hasn’t been much about it in the UK press but #NSS2014 is a big deal. The Summit aims to reduce nuclear stockpiles, improve security at nuclear installations and increase international cooperation.

The fifty eight world leaders, and 5,000 delegates, arriving Sunday and leaving Wednesday means extensive road closures and inevitably long delays in the area between Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam. Heavy traffic is likely to affect drivers heading to and from Stena Line’s Hook of Holland ferry port.

Basically, from 16:00 Sunday until 17:00 Wednesday many roads around The Hague (Den Haag), and between there and Amsterdam, will either be shut, or have lanes closed:

A4 Amsterdam>The Hague: lanes closed until the Burgerveen junction with A44, and J3, J3a and J4 closed.

A5 west Amsterdam ring road shut in both directions between A9 and A4.

A44/N44 shut direction The Hague from the Burgerveen junction with A4.

The link roads between A4 and A44/N44 – N14 and N206 – will also be shut.

Apart from the N14, the roads will re-open from 15:00 Monday to 13:00 Tuesday but these times are subject to change. Unless you have essential business, the entire area is best avoided for the duration.

Meanwhile, drivers heading to either Amsterdam or The Hague/Rotterdam from around the rest of the country – including Alkmaar, Joure, Groningen, Arnhem and Nijmegen – will be diverted to avoid the black spots and smooth out traffic flow.

For more information see here, or for local road closures in The Hague itself, see here.

Map of the major roads affected:


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