Holiday Traffic – Another Nordic Fart Joke

The predicted heavy holiday traffic failed to materialise in the main. We look at the differences between what was expected, and what actually happened. Plus, another childish joke about the use of the word Fart in Nordic traffic circles.



Busy day expected particularly Switzerland and Austria.

holiday traffic


France is code orange today according to Bison Fute, one down from the heaviest traffic, as drivers return home from the Easter holidays. The busiest roads will be the ones from the coasts and the South towards Paris, particularly the A7 from Lyon.

Meanwhile, the busiest day of the holidays so far is expected in Belgium. The A10/E40 returning to Brussels from Ostend is bound to be crowded later. Serious jams were not expected but good weather means the coastal resorts have been busy this weekend.

The heaviest traffic in Germany was in the middle of last week. Today will not be as bad but as well as traffic coming back across the border from Austria, the ADAC says the busiest parts of the country will be across the north.

It’s a black day – the worst – in Switzerland for traffic heading north. Inevitably this means long queues and delays on the A2 at the Gotthard Tunnel, probably the A13 towards Zurich, A9 northbound to Lausanne via Montreux and A1 southbound to Geneva.

Similarly, today will see the bulk of holiday makers returning home from Austria. This means heavy traffic on the A12 Innsbruck to Munich via Kufstein border point, B179 Fernpass Reutte>Fussen and the S12/A14 to Bregenz/Lake Constance.

We’ll keep track of the traffic and update this page accordingly.


There was a persistent delay of around half an hour on the A7 northbound from Avignon to Lyon in the late afternoon and early evening but otherwise French roads were remarkably clear all day.

The traffic predictions in Belgium however were spot on. The E40 from Ostend to Brussels has delays of an hour by the afternoon, much less than height of summer queues. Drivers had clearly diverted onto less obvious roads. The A2 eastbound to Namur saw delays of around thirty minutes while most other routes Brussels-bound from the coast were busy but not jammed.

The ADAC was also spot on about traffic in Germany. Roads across the north were fearsomely busy from late morning for the rest of the day. 

While the A2 northbound to the Gotthard Tunnel in Switzerland say the biggest delays on the Continent – an 11km queue, two hour delay formed by lunchtime and only started to recede by the evening – otherwise it was a normal day on Swiss roads.

Austria meanwhile was as dead as a door nail all day.

Quite what all this says about the popularity of Easter holidays in a post-recessionary EU – or how accurate traffic predictions for the coming supposedly busy weekend will prove to be – remain to be seen.


On the E20 south of Copenhagen, speed control during road works. Photo @DriveEurope

On the E20 south of Copenhagen, speed control during road works. These Danish emissions rules are getting really ridiculous. Photo @DriveEurope


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