E40 Brussels Truck Tragedy – RR Midland Hotel

Updated 18:00BST:


CHANNEL DELAYS: P&O delays of under 30 minutes Calais-Dover 18:50 Dover-Calais 18:35.

WEATHER ALERT: Amber alert forest fire south Norway.

WEATHER: fine for much of Europe. Hot across Iberia. Showers South East.

ROADS: E40 road works both ways at Gent, J11-13 lane closed. 20mins delay to Brussels + truck fire, queue J19a-21 delay still 1h30, traffic diverted. Read more here.

MAJOR TRAFFIC DELAYS: A3 northbound from Mainz/Frankfurt, to road works, queue J48-46 delay increased to 3h10.

Earlier: N92 from Namur, and N20 Puymorens Tunnel>Ax-les-Thermes, on/off road works, currently both clear. Now no delay A4 to Reims.

See Travel/Traffic/Weather for more.



British truck driver killed. Road closed for ten hours.

An as-yet unidentified British truck driver was tragically killed in the accident which closed the E40 into Brussels for nearly ten hours today.

According to local reports, the British vehicle was second in a line of three trucks all involved in the incident. The first truck was Romanian-registered, the third Belgian.

Photographs of the scene show the vehicles came to rest right on the entrance to the Texaco garage at Groot Bijgaarden on the A10/E40 towards Brussels.

The Romanian truck was carrying PVC granules which caught fire causing a smoke plume which could be seen for miles around. The Bristish truck was reportedly carrying aircraft/automotive parts.

One other driver was slightly injured, the third escaped unharmed.

Accident investigators will attend the scene tomorrow.

Update 7 May: the British driver is still to be named, described just as a 52 year old man. According to local reports, initial findings say the accident was caused by the Belgian truck failing to slow in time for a queue on the E40.


Rolls Royce at the Midland Hotel, Manchester.

Rolls Royce at the Midland Hotel, Manchester, yesterday to mark 110 years since the first meeting of Charles Rolls and Henry Royce.


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