A Good Weekend To Get Away? – Porsche Pit Stop L’Oceane

TODAY: Will it be a good weekend to get away? Maybe. Avoid north west France, Dover-Calais Sunday night, south Germany, west Austria – and time your runs on some Swiss mountain passes – and it could be. Just keep your fingers crossed for the weather. Plus, a roundup of current average fuel prices.

Also, the A3 in Luxembourg closes for the weekend. The Pope doesn’t like the Popemobile. British courts apparently do have jurisdiction over crimes committed far out at sea, the Finnish govt stands firm, so far, against popular demands for draconian drink driving laws – and the intriguing case of the (American) driver apparently let off by French police.

GIBRALTAR FRONTIER WATCH: delays just less than 30mins this morning, quiet since.



It’s always a good weekend to get away!


Despite the Le Mans 24 Hours in north west France – sure to attract local congestion, especially after the race finishes at 15:00 Sunday, and at the Channel Ports in the evening  – Bison Fute is not expecting raised traffic levels at all in France over the weekend (though, with this week’s seemingly endless train strike, drivers are being warned about a rush from Paris early afternoon Friday).

Northern Germany should be quiet too says ADAC. The south however, as Bavaria and Baden-Wurttemberg changeover in the middle of the Pentecost fortnight, will be busy – not horrendous – from Friday afternoon and all day Saturday (probably peaking early afternoon).

The bulk of that traffic will be moving through western Austria. OAMTC says to expect a busy weekend on the north-south transit routes (but not massive jams). This inevitably means the B179 Fernpass Fussen>Reutte, both ways, while alternate lane road works at the Karawanken Tunnel on the A11 to the Slovenian border will mean substantial delays.

Switzerland is not expected to be particularly busy says TCS. However, the Tour de Switzerland which starts in Bellinzona on Saturday will see the Gotthard, Furka, Grimsel and Brunig Passes all closed successively (and in that order) for a few hours on Sunday. Meanwhile, the roads works on Gotthard pass have been suspended for the weekend. All other passes in Switzerland are now open (see here for a map).

Much, as ever, depends on the weather. It’s not hugely promising so far – the widespread sunshine and high temperatures this week look set to break though the accompanying widespread storm warnings look to be blowing themselves out.

If you do decide to go for it – why not, eastern France will be quiet, and in the low twenties – buy your ferry/train fare before you get to the port!



In ascending order:

Unleaded95: Austria (€1.370), Switzerland (€1.384), France (€1.518), Germany (€1.635), Belgium (€1.653), Holland (€1.825).

Diesel: France (€1.279), Austria (€1.290), Belgium (€1.421), Germany (€1.426),  Switzerland (€1.466), Holland (€1.489).


Always Open: the Porsche Pit Stop on the A11 westbound, Paris to Le Mans at Chartres-Gasville.

Always Open (for this weekend anyway): the Porsche Pit Stop on the A11 ‘L’Oceane’ autoroute westbound, Paris to Le Mans at Chartres-Gasville. Photo via @VINCIAutoroutes


roundup: LUXEMBOURG. The A3 southbound towards Metz will be closed between Croix de Gasperich and Livange from 20:00 tonight until 22:00 Sunday for resurfacing. Diversions in place. Northbound remains open. VATICAN CITY. The glassed-in, bulletproof Papal Mercedes G-Class is a ‘sardine can’ says Il Papa. Despite the security risk, the 77 year old Pontiff will forego the Popemobile in future for an open top car. CHANNEL. British courts do have jurisdiction over crimes committed at sea by British nationals says a judge. He rejected an application to have the case of attempted arson on the DFDS Newcastle-Amsterdam ferry on 28 December thrown out because the alleged offence was committed 28 miles off the UK coast. The trail starts 7 July. FINLAND. A popular call to have drink driving offences beefed up has been rejected by the Ministry of Justice. A petition signed by thousands of citizens demanded that first time offenders have their cars confiscated and be admitted for rehabilitation treatment. According to reports many MPs also back the move. It’s not clear how much longer the minister will be able to hold out. FRANCE. ‘Got stopped by the police but after they checked my license they let me go,’ tweeted the American, XCAR motoring writer – and racing driver – @DrewStearne, on his way down to Le Mans in a Corvette Stingray. He subsequently tweeted, ‘I was really careful, I only went insanely quick when I thought I could get away with it. Turns out I did,’ but that isn’t going to quell insistent voices that French police specifically target British speeders.


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