Windy500 Mystery Tour – Aston Le Mans

NEWS: the epic Windy500 magical mystery tour enters day three, Norway. But where next? The Aston Martin V8 Vantage impresses at Le Mans.

TRAFFIC: no major jams expected today, especially since the weather ain’t so hot. But there will inevitably be dense traffic around Le Mans in north west France after the race finishes at 15:00 – NOT, see below – while, after a quiet morning, delays have been consistently around half an hour to the long running road works at the Elbtunnel on the A7 in Hamburg.

GIBRALTAR FRONTIER WATCH: estimated five hour delay early afternoon with 36 cars crossing in 30 minutes but quickly speeded up to no delay an hour later.



Currently in Norway, but where next?

Last year’s Windy500 was a true epic: 5,500 miles through 23 countries in 23 days (marked in red above, or read a roundup here).

This year’s event is shorter, at 16 days, but the essential ingredient remains: the teams have no idea where they are going.

Windy500 organiser Steve Blackmore is no stranger to heroic journeys. In 2008 he led a team which drove a double decker bus from Weymouth to Addis Ababa, via Turkey, Syria, Egypt and Sudan.

Each Windy500 team must either use a vehicle costing less than £500 – and raise at least £200 for the Julia’s House Children’s Hospice in Weymouth – or spend up to £1,500 and raise a minimum £500.

In total, they donated over £17,000 in 2013, a target they aim to ‘smash to smithereens’ this year.

Each leg is revealed only on a daily basis. The only thing anyone apart from Steve knows about this year’s route is that it will include ten of the greatest driving roads in Europe and the odd festival.

Day one saw them drive from Weymouth to Munster in Germany. Day two is, apparently, the second longest drive of the trip, 413 miles to Hobro in northern Jutland, Denmark (marked in green above).

Clearly this year’s Windy500 is heading for Scandinavia. Where exactly is anyone’s guess. If they were aiming for Sweden next you would have expected them to take the Oresund Bridge… Perhaps they will catch the ferry to Gothenburg from Frederikshavn? More likely, we think, they are off to Hirtshals for the boat to Oslo. Only Steve knows. This page will be updated as and when we find out.

Day Three: catching the boat to Norway then driving 135 miles to Valle.

Day Four: Valle to Pulpit Rock, the Trollsteigen down to Lyseboten, ferry along the fjord then up to Jorpeland.

@DriveEurope is delighted to support Julia’s House again this year with a donation. Click here to make your own contribution.


Today's picture caption was supposed to be about the sexy extended track and longer wheelbase of the Porsche 911 RSR.

Today’s picture caption was supposed to be about the sexy extended bodywork of the Porsche 911 RSR Le Mans racer. But after its superb victory we now only have eyes for the Aston Martin Vantage GTE. In contention in both Pro and Am GTE classes for most of the race, neck and neck with Ferrari, easily besting the 911 RSR, power steering issues put paid to the Pro challengers by late morning Sunday. However, despite a last minute engine drama, the #95 Am car – driven by Danish trio David Heinemeier Hansson, Nicki Thiim and Kristian Poulsen – beat the next placed Porsche and Ferrari by one and two laps respectively. What a car. We can’t help noticing that official approved used examples of the Vantage V8 Roadster are available from as little as £42,995…


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