Maserati in Irkutsk

TODAY: the Maserati ‘Road to Modena’ tour reaches Irkutsk in Siberia.

Also, a short profile of driving Italy’s Amalfi coast road. Moscow makes a start on its 150kmh ring road. Ferry safety under the spot light after ‘unnecessary’ regulations are abolished. A German driver gets away with a fine after arguing warning signs did not apply. Tampered fuel scare in Ireland.


Ten day sin, around a third of the way through the trip, the 100 Maseratis that left Beijing last weekend have reached Irkutsk in south central Siberia.

Ten days in, the Maserati intercontinental ‘Road to Modena’ tour has reached Irkutsk in south central Siberia, just north of central Mongolia. One hundred cars left Beijing last weekend on a 12,000km drive back to the company’s factory in Italy, part of Maserati’s centennial celebrations. They have around 8,000km and fifteen days to go. Irkutsk, one of the biggest Siberian cities, population 600,000, lies on the M-53 Transiberian Highway which heads due west to Omsk and eventually Moscow. Navigation shouldn’t be a problem. Photo: Church of the Kazan Icon Of the Mother of God, Telma, Irkutsk Oblast, @Maserati_HQ. See #RoadtoModena or #Maserati100.


roundup: ITALY. The Amalfi coast road, south of Naples, is reckoned to be one of Europe’s most scenic. profiles the fifty mile stretch between Salerno and Sorrento. RUSSIA. The first sod was turned today on Moscow’s Central Automobile Ring Road. Set to be complete in time for the 2018 World Cup, the 326 mile long road will circulate 20-86km outside the existing Moscow Automobile Ring Road (MKAD) built in 1961. The speed limit is likely to be 150kph (93mph). FERRIES. Safety measures introduced in the wake of the 1987 Herald of Free Enterprise disaster are to be abolished as part of the govt’s Red Tape Challenge according to the Dover Express. P&O agrees the requirement to weigh all trucks before boarding is irrelevant for ferries but says it will keep watertight emergency lockers on open deck. See more. GERMANY. Drivers taking the wheel after warning signs do not have to obey them says a court in Hamm according to IRELAND. Drivers are being warned over contaminated fuel in the west, border areas and midlands after more than 100 cars suffered major engine damage. Vehicles with small petrol engines are most at risk. The fuel is diluted with 10% kerosene and is much cheaper.


GIBRALTAR FRONTIER WATCH: quiet overnight. 1h40 delay OUT late morning. Quieter since.

CALAIS MIGRANT CRISIS PETITION: 3,260 signatures since 15.7. See @Justice4Trucker. 


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