Whither the 911 Safari? – Gotthard Truck

The exciting debut of Tuthill Porsche’s rally 911 recalls the apparently stalled 911 Safari project.

Also, German and Danish police are to start joint border patrols. Volvo drives a truck up the Gotthard Pass. Belarus’ new roads will be made of concrete, though the national speed limit is to be raised.



Exciting 911 rally performance recalls stalled Safari project.


The FIA has released this video to commemorate the impressive performance of a British entry in this month’s Rallye Deutschland.

The GT3 entered by Tuthill Porsche is the third 911 entered in a Word Rally Championship round this year – under the recently introduced ‘RGT’ rules – but the first to finish a WRC event in 28 years.

Tuthill Porsche, based in Oxfordshire, is a renowned 911 specialist which also runs the ‘Below Zero’ ice driving courses in Sweden.

It’s not clear if the Porsche factory has shown any interest in the project or leant any support; we did ask*.

Meanwhile, little has been heard of the 911 Safari following a scoop in Auto Bild’s Motor Revue quarterly at the start of this year. It was expected to debut at April’s Beijing Motor Show.

With raised ride height, toughened suspension, four wheel drive and an engine which automatically adapts to poor fuel quality, the Safari is apparently intended for undeveloped parts of the world. Clearly it would also provide a great basis for an official Porsche rally car…

It might still be on the cards. Mention was also made of the Safari being powered by downsized version of Porsche’s classic flat 6 engine, also to feature in the second generation 991. That isn’t due until next year.

Update 7 September: a retweet from @Tuthill_Porsche this morning casts doubt on any Porsche factory involvement in the project. @stuartsmellie writes, ‘I hope @Porsche & @OfficialWRC have seen what @Tuthill_Porsche have done & taken note. R-GT Championship is needed.’


Truck descends north section of the Gotthard Pass, Switzerland. Photo via @VolvoTrucksUK, @BrainWeatherle3

Truck descends north section of the Gotthard Pass, Switzerland. Photo via @VolvoTrucksUK, @BrianWeatherle3


roundup: LAW ENFORCEMENT. Danish and German police will carry out joint patrols – up to 25km from the border in the north and 30km in the south – for the next year. It follows a ‘hot pursuit’ deal signed between Austrian and Italian police earlier in the summer. BELARUS. Concrete is now the official road surface of choice. It’s cheaper and longer lasting than asphalt, and doesn’t need bitumen derived from (imported) oil though it’s louder and drainage is more difficult. President Lukashenko visited the on-going work on the Minsk outer ring road this week, currently engaged on bridging the 46km gap between the M6 Grodno and M3 Vitebsk. The entire road has to be ready by 1 January 2017 he said. The speed limit will be 120kmh, as it will be on other major roads around the country eventually, up from 100kmh now.


GIBRALTAR FRONTIER WATCH: quiet overnight. Delay 1h00 at 14:30 + 1h50 at 16:30.

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