Condor Scraps SUV Surcharge on ‘Condor 102’

No extra charge for outsize cars, and three passenger classes, on new Condor 102 sailings starting next March.


Condor 102: photo courtesy of manufacturer Austal.

Condor 102: photo courtesy of manufacturer Austal.

Condor Ferries will scrap surcharges for outsize cars and introduce three passenger classes on its brand new fast ferry.

The as yet un-named boat – currently called Condor 102 after its length in meters – sets sail between Poole and the Channel Islands next year.

‘From the end of March 2015, all journeys to the Channel Islands will be on the new Condor 102 from Poole,’ says Alicia Andrews, Executive Director – Commercial at Condor Ferries.

Most cross-Channel operators charge higher fares for large cars and vans, by as much as £50 more on some crossings. Standard sizes vary, generally up to 1.80m high and 5m long.

In a move hopefully picked up by other operators, Condor says all SUVs will be charged the same as regular cars, as will all non-commercial vehicles up to 5.5m long.

The company will also introduce three new passenger classes: Ocean Traveller with standard reclining seats; Ocean Traveller Plus with a private bar and reclining seats, or arranged around a table; and the Ocean Club private lounge with at-seat service and leather reclining seats with tables. 

The latter two have in-seat charging for mobile devices. There is also an outside deck and the usual restaurant, Bureau de Change and Duty Free shopping.

Journey times are unchanged – three hours from Poole to Guernsey, one hour inter-island – but the longer ship, 16m longer than Condor’s existing fast ferries, will avoid 90% of the weather related cancellations seen this year says the company, and make for a more comfortable ride.

‘Sick bag usage’ will fall by 70% says The Bailiwick Express Jersey Edition.

All trips until 2 November 2015 – between the UK, Channel Islands and France –  are available to book now at the Condor Ferries website. See more about Condor 102.


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