Europol in Action

Last updated 18:00GMT, Thursday 20 November.


TODAY: flash fire last night on truck at Dunkirk port. Two fatalities, suspected to be attempted illegal immigrants according to reports (also here). The Mont Blanc Tunnel closes overnight for maintenance, see below, as does the A86 Duplex Tunnel west Paris, 21:00-06:00.

Snow Alps, above 800m Austria, south central Switzerland (+ landslide H13 Locarno-Brissago and other roads in the south) and above 1400m French Alps and Massif Central. The A10 west of Genoa was closed over the weekend after flash floods (and a landslide) but has now re-opened, except the section Voltri-Pegli eastbound towards Genoa – delays on and off.


CHANNEL DELAYSDFDS Dover-Dunkirk reduced service until Friday 21 November. P&O Dover-Calais 21:25 and Calais-Dover 20:00 cancelled, tech issue. Also some delays 30mins.

WEATHER ALERT: Amber alert storm/heavy rain Greece + fog/mist Ireland.

WEATHER: mild Central + West. Rain in Spain.


MONT BLANC TUNNEL: ‘traffic is fluent’ – closed overnight 23:45-04:15 for maintenance.

MAJOR TRAFFIC DELAYS: A51 northbound from Rouen, breakdown, delay 45mins. Gridlock north west Lyon.

A12 northbound Brussels-Antwerp, earlier accident, delay down to 45mins. A1/A16 northbound Antwerp-Breda, accident delay 1h25.

A2 eastbound Magdeburg, road works, delay down to 1h10. A8 both ways Karlsruhe-Pforzheim, road works, accident eastbound delay 1h15; westbound 35mins.

A1 northbound into Lausanne, accident, delay 60mins.

EarlierA86 ring south west Paris, accident Velizy, delay down to 35mins. A6 northbound Lelystad, accident, closed, delay 45mins.

See Travel/Traffic/Weather for more.



Third place in Europol’s annual photo competition went to this image from Ciaran McGowan, an officer with An Garda Síochána Reserve, taken at a checkpoint in Cork, Ireland, targeting organised crime. See the other entries at


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