All Season Tyre Test Update: Fuel Economy

All-Season tyres: the initial dip in fuel economy now seems to be permanent.


Fuel economy has dipped to 35.4mpg and won't budge.

Fuel economy has dipped to 35.4mpg and won’t budge.

It’s been a quiet week by our standards, just 320 miles, the vast majority on – constant speed, (almost) optimum economy – motorway.

So it’s disappointing that the average fuel consumption on our brand new All-Season tyres hasn’t shifted from its initial 35.4mpg.

(In the interests of dispassionate scientific observation – i.e. to stop ourselves going (even) lighter on the accelerator than usual – we refrained from checking the mileage until this morning.)

The difference from our overall average of 36.7mpg in 24,000 miles so far is therefore 1.3mpg.

It’s not a huge difference in the scheme of things but worse for us than most since we’re on course for around 35,000 miles this year, almost five times the national average.

By our maths, with the current average diesel price – according to the AA – of 131.3p per litre (£5.97 per gallon), these tyres will cost us an extra £210 in fuel over the first year.

At the UK average annual mileage of 7,900 miles the price differential shrinks to £47 (or £75 at the more common 12,500 annual miles).

Is that too much to pay for the go-anywhere, anytime capability these tyres – supposedly – afford?

It is for us who would rather spend the money on fancy hotels than diesel (though the real world difference is likely to be less since half our fuel spend is at – generally – cheaper Continental forecourts).

A more gentle driving style is now imminent. By the next report we expect to see a significant improvement.

COMING SOON (hopefully): The Ultimate Test, in search of snow.

See the first report ‘First Impressions’ here.


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