Riga City Signs Restored

Last updated 18:00GMT, Tuesday 9 December.



SNOW/ICE: emergency declared Plovdiv, Bulgaria, flooding. still black ice warnings central south west France, around Poitiers. Some snow overnight Luxembourg, Benelux/Germany border. Snow above 500m parts of French Alps + Pyrenees. Fresh snow H2/H19/H21 Gotthard south central Switzerland, H13 Locarno-Brissano still restricted by landslides at Lugano.

A20 access road into Eurotunnel UK is closed; use M20 junction 11a instead. This week is the TISPOL pan-Europe anti-drink drive enforcement campaign.


CHANNEL DELAYS: reduced service DFDS Dover-Calais until 4 January.

WEATHER ALERT: red alert ‘coastal event’ Costa Menorca. Amber alert high winds Spain (+snow/ice), Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia + heavy rain Italy, Sardinia, Sicily, Bulgaria, storm Greece + amber alert high winds Ireland, north Germany + now Estonia.

WEATHER: cold + unsettled North. Showers South.


MONT BLANC TUNNEL: ‘traffic is fluent’.

MAJOR TRAFFIC DELAYS: A35 northbound Strasbourg, accident delay 1h10. N136 ring south Rennes, southbound, lane closed delay 45mins.

A44 eastbound to Dortmund, holdup at Witten delay 50mins. A7 southbound to Kassel, breakdown Bockenam delay 60mins. A8 southbound from Munich, road works, lane closed Holzkirchen delay 60mins.

Earliernow no delay A54 southbound into Charleroi, A66 westbound at Wiesbaden

See Travel/Traffic/Weather for more.


Riga's iconic city sign has been re-restored to its original glory after a mis-turn by local marketing types. More later.

Riga’s iconic city signs have been restored to their former glory after a misstep by marketing types. Earlier this year, to celebrate the city becoming European Capital of Culture, the extended dot above the I – aka a macron – was replaced by a blue and white painted heart. The move went down badly with locals, especially since Valdis Celms – the graphic artist who designed the originals, installed in 1980 – was not consulted, or impressed. Despite the kerfuffle over the signs, the Latvian capital is rapidly gaining a reputation as a young, trendy city. According to Skyscanner last week, the ‘bohemian’ galleries and restaurants of Miera Lele – Peace Street – make Riga one of the world’s top twenty ‘hipster magnets’. Photo @DriveEurope


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