UK to Turkey in Three Days, Back in Two. By Campervan

Epic trip in new Ford Transit campervan, from Yorkshire to Istanbul and back in less than a week.


Wellhoue Leisure's Ford Terrier at the Ford Otosan factory in Istanbul, Turkey. Photo @WellhouseCamper

Wellhoue Leisure’s Ford Terrier at the Ford Otosan factory in Istanbul, Turkey. Photo @WellhouseCamper

‘It’s amazing how far you can go’ is our new tag line but few prove it as comprehensively as the crew from Wellhouse Leisure.

David Elliot and Layne Stuart drove their Ford Terrier campervan from Huddersfield to Istanbul in three days at the end of November.

If that wasn’t impressive enough they managed the return journey in just two days.

The idea was to demonstrate the comfort and hardiness of the firm’s brand new campervan conversion, and introduce it to the Ford Transit factory in Istanbul where the base vehicle is manufactured.

David Elliot said, ‘It was an amazing trip. We’ve seen some amazing sights, from remote parts of Europe we’re never likely to see again, and some we probably don’t want to see again!

Apart from getting lost in Bulgaria and thinking we weren’t going to survive the complete traffic chaos of the Istanbul rush hour, the trip went extremely well, and really proved that the Ford Terrier is designed and built to undertake long distances trips like this in its stride.’

Over the 4,500 miles the Terrier achieved an average of 33mpg from its 2.2 litre diesel engine. The range starts at £39,500. A review in The Guardian described the Terrier as a ‘glampervan’.

In all honesty when we heard what Wellhouse were up to we were sceptical. Having driven that way a couple of times ourselves we know the challenges: to keep up a decent average speed on often crowded, single lane roads in the Balkans, but also – crossing in and out of the EU and the Schengen Zone – dealing with potentially massive border queues.

They didn’t even go what we think is the quickest route, across Germany to Austria then down through Hungary to Serbia. Instead they headed into Slovenia from Austria then Croatia.

We underestimated them. It turns out David Elliot is no stranger to endurance sports. Last year he ran ten marathons in ten days and raised £34,000 for charity.

See here for more info on the Ford Terrier, or @WellhouseCamper for more photos of the trip.


The Millau Viaduct, on the A75 between Clermont Ferrand and Beziers in southern France is ten years old today. The oaccssison will bemarked with a frework display at 18:00 toight. Unlikemost of the A75, the bridge is

The Millau Viaduct, on the A75 between Clermont Ferrand and Beziers in southern France, is ten years old today. Designed by Lord Norman Foster it is – at 1125ft above the ground at its highest – the world’s tallest bridge. It was inaugurated on 14 December 2004 by Jacques Chirac and opened to traffic two days later. The occasion will be marked with a firework display at 18:00 tonight. Unlike most of the A75, the bridge is tolled but it only costs €9.10 in the summer and €7.30 at other times. Drivers can pay with Sanef Liber-T auto toll tags.


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