Teslas Drive Amsterdam to London Direct For Free But How Long Did It Take?

The electricity might have been free, but how long did it take?


Tesla Model S in central London last night. Photo via @Tesla_Europe.

Tesla Model S in central London last night. Photo via @Tesla_Europe.

A group of Tesla Model S drove direct from Amsterdam to London yesterday to mark the opening of a new ‘Supercharger’ in Gent which now opens up the route.

They covered 505km and consumed 131KwH of electricity which, supplied by Tesla’s own charging points, cost the drivers nothing. 

The only metric not made explicit was how long the trip took.

Judging by the time the tweets were sent by @Tesla_Europe the total journey time was twelve hours via Eurotunnel.

That is significantly longer than you would expect in a conventional car: the driving time London-Amsterdam is 6h30 according to Google Maps, plus breaks and Channel crossing.

Including finding a hotel, and crossing on the DFDS Dover-Dunkirk boat, the same trip in the other direction took us nine hours in October 2012.

Superchargers give an 80% charge in forty minutes or 100% in seventy five minutes.

Tesla has pledged that, for Model S owners at least, the superchargers will always be free to use.

A considerable network of superchargers has now built up in Europe, see map below.

Model S start at £49,900 in the UK rising to £76,400 for the P85D which hits 0-60 in 3.2 seconds and boasts a 285 mile range at 65mph.



Open now: Tesla supercharger map. Early next year the network will expand into Spain. By the end of next year it will include eastern Europe and the route to Istanbul. See more at TeslaMotors.com


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