Moscow’s Worst Ever Traffic Jams – Minor Fines Strike Belgium

Last updated 18:30GMT, Friday 26 December.


TODAY: with snow storms expected to hit the Western Alps tomorrow, especially France, it seems drivers are heading out early on what was predicted to be a quiet day on the roads. Long delays earlier A6 Paris-Lyon.

Snow A28 east Switzerland, Zernez-Mustair. Black ice warnings Limoges, Trier and west Czech Republic. Be prepared for wintry conditions east Alps Austria/Germany. Some snow west Germany, Bonn-Koblenz overnight. Poor driving conditions in Finland and Sweden. Snow expected LuxembourgBelgium and Holland. Bad weather expected English Channel overnight tonight and tomorrow says Condor Ferries but services now expected to run as normal.

NEWS: sudden snow fall sees Moscow’s worst ever traffic jams. Belgium police to hold minor fines strike as unions pledge no more General Strikes until next month.


CHANNEL DELAYSno delays as yet.

WEATHER ALERT: amber alert snow eastern France, western Germany, Ardennes, east Belgium + high winds Sardinia, Montenegro.

WEATHER: heavy snow later Central/Alps. Some snow Balkans. Fine Iberia.


MONT BLANC TUNNEL: ‘traffic is fluent’.

MAJOR TRAFFIC DELAYSA6 southbound Paris-Lyon, heavy traffic total delay down to 45mins, mainly due to earlier incident Avallon/Auxerre.

A3 northbound Dusseldorf, accident, lanes closed Ratingen delay down to 40mins. Very slow roads west and north of Munich, ? weather.

Earlier: now no delay A26 northbound to Calais, A7 southbound LyonAvignon . B179 Fernpass southbound Germany-Austria, delay down to 10mins. N104 south Paris clockwise, earlier accident, delay down to 10mins.

See Travel/Traffic/Weather for more.



BELGIUM. Drunk drivers or those without insurance can still expect to have their collars felt but lesser traffic offences like parking or driving without a seatbelt will go unpunished this week says Similar industrial action in October saw no minor fines issued at all in some places says the union. Police also held widespread spot checks on drivers on 16 December which led to considerable traffic jams all over the country. The dispute is over a raised retirement age. More fine strikes could follow at the end of January. Meanwhile, the general strikes which plagued the country on a succession of Mondays earlier this month will not be held again until at least the middle of January unions said.


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