Planai Classic

Last updated 18:00GMT, Saturday 3 January.


TODAY: fog and ice reported in Savoie, French Alps but changeover traffic went smoothly. Sleet/snow on major routes in south east Belgium, north Luxembourg and Saarland and Sauerland, west Germany (Trier-Cologne-Frankfurt). Busy with return holiday traffic across southern Germany combined with patchy thick fog, ice and sleet. See below for weekend traffic and weather.

Very busy Eurotunnel France and Calais, especially at passport control. Passengers must have documents ready for inspection!


CHANNEL DELAYS: Eurotunnel car shuttle France, busy, delay down to 90mins + 20mins to clear border control. Condor Ferries cancellation fast ferry UK-Channel Islands + reschedule Clipper, weather.

WEATHER ALERT: amber alert high winds Poland coast, GermanyAustria, Estonia, Latvia, snow/ice Finland.

WEATHER: rain north France, Germany. Snow Alps tonight. Winter sun Spain, Portugal.

GOTTHARD TUNNEL: queue down to 6km northbound, delay 60mins.

MONT BLANC TUNNEL: ‘traffic is fluent’.

MAJOR TRAFFIC DELAYS: A6 northbound to Paris, accident Chalon-sur-Soane delay 1h30.

A14 southbound to Gent, accident Sint Niklaas delay 45mins.

A30 westbound to Enschede, lanes closed delay down to 60mins. A3 westbound Wurzburg, heavy traffic, lane blocked, total delay down slightly to 50mins. A8 westbound Salzburg-Munich, heavy traffic total delay down to 1h10. A8 westbound to Karlsruhe, accident Pforzheim delay 50mins.

Earliernow no delay A7 northbound to Hannover, . A32 westbound Frejus Tunnel, delay down to 10mins. A9 northbound Munich-Ingolstadt heavy traffic lane blocked total delay down to 35mins. A8 westbound Augsburg-Ulm, heavy traffic total delay down to 30mins.

See Travel/Traffic/Weather for more.


No ABS brakes, xenon headlights to mark the way - or even bodywork to shield driver's legs from the icy wind - the Planai Classic is mid-way through its traditional three day early New Year run on the mountain roads of Styria in central Austria, around Schladming, Grobming and Planai. See Morelater. Photo: BMW 340.

No ABS brakes, xenon headlights – or even bodywork in some cases to shield drivers’ legs from the icy wind – the Planai Classic is mid-way through its traditional three day early New Year run on the mountain roads of Styria in central Austria, around Schladming, Grobming and Planai. See, including footage on the dedicated YouTube channel. More later. Photo: BMW 340.


Weekend traffic: another big ‘changeover day’ today as skiiers start or finish their holidays. Tour operators transferred customers to airports in the French Alps extra early to avoid last weekend’s chaos says The Telegraph from the early hours of the morning. However, Sunday is expected to be the busiest day on French roads according to Bison Fute as drivers from around the country head home – especially to Paris – ahead of 2015’s first proper working day (Tuesday 6 January is Epiphany public holiday in Germany, Switzerland and Austria). Today is the weekend’s busiest day in Germany says ADAC – heading north from Austrian ski resorts – and again on Sunday afternoon. The changeover effect will however be merely ‘noticeable’ in Austria on Saturday says OAMTC. No predictions are available for Switzerland.

Meanwhile, Dover-Calais ferry operators and Eurotunnel (especially the French terminal) are preparing for a busy weekend. The latter has a ‘waiting area’ ready for any overspill from check-in. Customers are advised not to turn up too early and – importantly – have passports ready.

Weather: rain in central Europe turning to snow on high ground before a return to wintry weather late Sunday says the BBC.


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