Porsche’s Room With A View

Last updated 18:00GMT, Thursday 8 January.


TODAY: aquaplaning A60 Mainz. Strong winds heavy rain A16 Boulogne-Calais-Dunkirk. High winds warning tomorrow Denmark + Condor Ferries high speed UK-Channel Islands service cancelled, weather, alternative conventional sailing available + reschedule.

NEWS: the hunt for the two gunmen still at large following yesterday’s attack in Paris seems to be concentrated in north east France. Unconfirmed reports of the pair spotted driving a white/grey Renault Clio (now dumped) in the Aisne region, north west of Reims, heading towards Paris, likely on N2. Thought now to be hiding out around Crepy-en-Valois between N2 and A1. The roads into Paris and around north east France are heavily policed. Delays possible but – Paris excepted – the roads have run smoothly in general. The whole of Picardie region, north of Paris from the coast to the Belgium border, now under maximum alert.

The rest of the country remains on high alert with a high profile security presence to be expected in public areas during a national day of mourning. There has also been another shooting in southern Paris this morning and several attacks on mosques around the country. See the latest.

Passengers advised to leave extra time at French Channel ports due to enhanced security checks. Downing Street has also announced tighter security checks at UK ports.


CHANNEL DELAYSDFDS Dover-Calais delay 70mins, weather; Dover-Dunkirk delay 20mins. P&O Dover-Calais delay 50mins. MyFerryLink delay 30min.

WEATHER ALERT: amber alert high winds Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Austria + low temperatures Serbia.

WEATHER: wet, windy North, sunny South.


MONT BLANC TUNNEL: ‘traffic is fluent’.

MAJOR TRAFFIC DELAYS: busy Paris but no major delays. A630 ring south Bordeaux anticlock road works delay 1h30.

Earliernow no delay A43 northbound BochumA7 southbound to Ulm. A6b/A10 southbound from Paris, earlier accident Antony delay down to 10mins. A3/A86 northbound Paris, earlier incident Bondy, delay 15mins. R0 ring both ways north Brussels, incidents, clockwise delay A3<>A10 down to 15mins each way.

See Travel/Traffic/Weather for more.



New uber cool evaluation studio means absolutely no excuses now for wonky designs.

Porsche's new design studio at Weissach, Stuttgart. Photo via @PorscheNewsroom

Porsche’s new design studio at Weissach, Stuttgart. Photo via @PorscheNewsroom

The new evaluation studio at Porsche’s redeveloped design and engineering complex at Weissach, off the A8 west of Stuttgart, creates the ideal environment in which to assess new models.

‘The building is a shell that needs to be restrained. The structure must not distract from the function that it serves,’ says Michael Mauer, Porsche’s Head of Style.

The grey floor – with three flush turntables – is the same colour as asphalt. The lighting replicates a lightly clouded day, all the better apparently for the human eye to evaluate shapes. Meanwhile all new vehicles are painted in the same ‘discrete, unobtrusive’ shade of silver to ensure ‘comparability’.

The outside area is screened from prying eyes by concrete walls, a double fence and a forest – to see how the car looks on a country road – though it still seems vulnerable to drone surveillance..

There are no excuses now for wonky Porsche designs; too bad they didn’t have it when the first generation Panamera was in development.


#JeSuisCharlie: motorway operators in France stand in solidarity with many others today. Photo @AgnesCPoirier

#JeSuisCharlie: motorway operators in France also paying their respects today. Photo @AgnesCPoirier


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