Cream Road Markings

Last updated 18:00GMT, Monday 19 January.


TODAY: Eurotunnel still recovering from fire and power outage at weekend. Full service unlikely before Tuesday – 1m gallons of water needs to be drained from the tunnel where the fire occurred – see below for current estimated delays.

Truck protests France, expected to finish at 09:00 (and did, mostly) but continued into the afternoon in some places and are still blocking the N814 ring in east Caen, both directions. Brittany Ferries advising drivers to avoid Caen ring road. @NeilSmith67 in Caen says trucks are being stopped and threatened with damage. reports protests could continue until tomorrow though Neil Smith says strikers told him at lunchtime likely to last another 4-5 hours.

Snow overnight Madrid and east Spain. Light snow southern Paris, north Netherlands. Black ice east France, Colmar. Sleet A5 Aosta/Mont Blanc. Main roads have improved in Latvia but regional roads still challenging.

NEWS: a round-up of Spain news: Barcelona car-free Sundays; anti-diesel politics in Madrid; and national speed limits to be cut.



CHANNEL DELAYS: Eurotunnel car shuttle UK delay still 60mins + France 30mins. freight: UK now 60mins wait before check-in + transit time now 5h00; France now no wait before check-in, transit time still 5h00.

Brittany Ferries Portsmouth and Santander knock-on disruption from the weekend.

WEATHER ALERT: amber alert snow/ice France (new alert south east), SwitzerlandSpain, high winds Italy, heavy rain Bosnia.

WEATHER: rain and snow Spain and East Europe. Rain central Mediterranean.


MONT BLANC TUNNEL: ‘traffic is fluent’.

MAJOR TRAFFIC DELAYS: A13 northbound Rotterdam-Delft, lanes closed, delay 45mins. A58 eastbound Tilburg-Eindhoven, accident, delay down to 50mins.

R0 ring north Brussels, anticlock, accident delay down to 35mins.

A4 westbound Vicenza, accident delay 45mins.

EarlierA4 westbound Cologne-Aachen, A620 westbound Saarbrucken.

See Travel/Traffic/Weather for more.


German activists getting a lot of publicity, even around the world, by spraying cars parked in cycle lanes with cream. Probably coming to a place near you soon. See Clevere Stadte, @wegeheld

German cycling activists getting a lot of publicity, even around the world, by spraying cars parked in cycle lanes with cream road markings. Probably coming to a place near you soon. See Clevere Stadte, @wegeheld


Roundup Spain: BARCELONA. Sections of Avenue Diagonal and Passeig de Gracia, two of the city’s main streets, will be vehicle-free on Sundays and public holidays between 09:00-17:00 from March. If successful, others streets will be included reports MADRID. As in the Paris, diesel engines have become a hot topic in the up-coming mayoral elections. Socialist candidate Antonio Miguel Carmona says he will ban diesel engines by 2020 according to Incumbent Ana Botella, already responsible for anti-car measures like the planned residents’ cars only zones and smart parking meters – where bigger vehicles pay more – says she wants to ban diesels too but calls the timeframe ‘unrealistic’. NATIONAL. Locals must be getting used to yo-yo speed limits. The motorway speed limit was restored to 120kmh from 110kph in 2011 then, last March, law makers voted through a further rise to 130kmh plus cuts to the national speed limit though they were never enacted. The 130kmh limit is still on the books but the lower national limits – from 100kmh to 90kmh and 90kmh to 70kmh or even 50kmh – will now come into force in the spring says


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